How to Keep Childen Safe

Keeping children safe should be our number one priority each day. We often get so wrapped up in every day normal life events. How many times do we actually know there children are at? Are they playing over at little Susie’s or little Sara’s house? Is her mom and dad there to supervise them? We often get a little relaxed about this type of thing every once in a while. Here are a few tips to help keep children safe.

Teach them to not talk to strangers
Make sure that they know not to talk to strangers. Make sure that they realize that they are only allowed to go places with a certain amount of people that you trust. Make sure that your children realize who a stranger is and who a trusted person is.

Keep track of them
Make sure to always keep track of them. Make sure that you know the telephone numbers and addresses of each friends that they have. Always make sure that the children are honest about which friends house that they are going to. Be careful about this since some kids lie about which friends house they are going to be at.

Don’t let them be alone with some adults
Make sure to not let the children spend quite a large amount of time alone with some adults. Be careful of any person that insists or is spending quite a big amount of alone time with your son or daughters. It may appear just to be innocent, but keep an eye on the situation so nothing weird happens. You never know what hidden secrets some adults may have or hidden reasons for wanting to be left alone with your kids.

Pay attention to your kids behaviors
Make sure to pay attention to children behaviors. If you notice anything that seems abnormal or just something that seems odd then be concerned. Don’t ignore a problem like that. Kids sometimes are afraid to talk about things or be uncomfortable to speak about things that might be happening are inappropriate. Make sure to watch your children’s reactions to certain movements sometimes especially in the bathroom or when helping theming them get dressed. If kids act weird in the bathtub or when you are helping them get dressed then pay attention to that. It may be a sign that something bad is going on.

Inspect kids for any abnormal bruises or injuries
Make sure to be concerned about any bruises or injuries that appear on children. Sure, we all understand how kids gets bruises from time to time from normal playing outside and any other activities during recess at schools. Be concerned if children have bruises on them almost all the time or if they have any bruises on them in any places that are abnormal. Make sure to ask them how it happened. If they seem quiet or give you a answer that doesn’t seem real then take that as a warning sign. Be concerned if any adults that your kids associated with begin to act strange or seem weird.

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