How to Keep Home Company Ready Throughout the Holiday Season

Company is coming during the Holiday season, whether your home is ready or not. Get your home in ship-shape just before Thanksgiving and keep it company ready during the weeks leading up to Christmas with these tips.

Remove Clutter and Put up Decorations

Forget about the deep cleaning (that will be needed after the Holidays are over) focus on removing all the clutter. Removing the clutter makes room for the decorations and the new gifts that will be received on Christmas. Removing and sorting through the clutter can also garner a year-end tax deduction if some of the clutter items are donated to charity.

Make a Cleanup Kit and Keep it Handy

Place some basic cleaning items in a bucket and keep it in a handy location for quick cleanups. Paper towels, glass cleaner, all purpose cleaner, pre-moistened wipes and the like that can be quickly accessed in case of last minute company or to cleanup spills while company is in the home. Add a spray air freshener in a favorite Christmas scent to the bucket to spritz in the air so your home will smell fresh and clean.

Focus on the Home’s Hot Spots

Company is on their way and there’s no time to clean? Focus on the home’s hot spots, like the entryway, living room and bathroom. These are the rooms guests will be most likely to see and a quick straightening of the rooms (pick up newspapers, muddy shoes, wet towels, etc.) will make your home appear clean and company ready. Light a fragrant candle to make the home smell nice.

Overnight Company is Coming

The guest bedroom is clean, the bed has clean sheets, but the bedding smells a little musty. Turn down the bed covers and spray the sheets and bedding with Febreze to remove the musty odor. Lightly mist the bedding, then turn on a ceiling fan or floor fan to quickly dry the Febreze. Tuck a couple of fabric softener sheets between the pillow and pillow cases before re-making the guest room bed. The musty smell will be gone and the entire guest room will smell just-cleaned fresh.

Treat Yourself to a Professional Housecleaning

Give yourself a Christmas gift and hire a professional housecleaning service to come in and clean the home before the Holidays. Book a professional housecleaning service early in the season for peace of mind. Even when having someone come in and clean the home, make the cleanup kit for quick touchups of the home’s hot spots through the Christmas season.

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