How to Keep Mice and Rats Out of Your Home

Mice and rats can be a big problem if they decide to move into your home. They do not understand that your home is not a part of the natural habitat that they live in. Once mice or rats get into your home they chew on wires and wood. The live to find food anywhere they can and to get to the food they will chew on anything. Crawling into heating equipment is a favorite activity for them and they can spread diseases like Salmonella or Lymes disease. Mice and rats are a problem you can try to be rid of.

When mice and rats search for food, water or shelter they can enter you home through any opening they find. They are able to creep into very small openings so it is important to keep your home free of openings.

You can try to pest proof your home by moving garbage cans away from your house and keep the garbage cans covered tightly. Do not let any garbage near your homes foundation. Try to keep the area around your home free of shrubs, weeds, and anything else. The less that is around your home the less places there are for the rodents to hide.

If you see a hole in the foundation or siding of your home you should fill it in. Copper wool is a good thing to fill the holes in your home with. Rodents do not like to chew on copper wool. After you put the copper wool into the holes you can cover the holes with mortar.

Moth balls are an excellent way to keep the mice and rats away. You can place moth balls in areas where you want extra protection from the mice and rats. Boats, motor homes and sheds can all use moth balls to keep rodents away but be prepared for the area to smell like moth balls. And always use the precautions on the moth balls that you buy.

You may have to use traps or poison to help keep the mice and rats away. If you need to use traps or poison be sure to keep pets and children away from them. Traps and poison are dangerous to use so you must use caution when using them.

You may find that your mouse and rats infestation is more then you can handle. If you are overwhelmed with your pest problem call an exterminator.

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