How to Keep Pet Rabbits Outdoors

Domestic rabbits make excellent pets, because they are normally kind, fairly easy to take care and extremely cute. I read somewhere that if aliens would decide to invade Earth, they will take the form of bunnies to trick the human race. This is not only because rabbits are beautiful and have a characteristic innocent look, it is because they are normally sweet and loving animals.

Many people love rabbits, but they don’t want to have them inside their homes. That is not a problem, because bunnies are very hardy and strong, and they can live outdoors pretty well. We should think about the pros and cons of have our pet rabbits outdoors or indoors, and decide the best way of locate them.

The negative aspect of keeping our pet rabbits outdoors is that we put more distance between the bunnies and us, and we may spend less time with them. Rabbits love human company, and they can get very attached to their owners. Being outside is not the same that being in the house, listening and seeing all the time what is going on with the family. The best way to resolve this problem is to spend all the time we can with the rabbits outside, playing with them. It would be good to have more than one rabbit as well, because rabbits are very social animals, and they enjoy being in couples or groups. We should have two or more rabbits of the same gender, so they won’t procreate, and we shouldn’t breed them. There are many rabbits in the shelters, waiting for a family who wants them. If by accident we end with rabbits of the same sex, we can spy or neuter them, it is a pretty safe procedure, and in female rabbits, it will prevent cancer and other diseases, and it will calm boys and girls.

Another “con” point of keeping our rabbits outdoors is that they can suffer from any illness or problem and we don’t know it early enough to fix it in time. Rabbits living outdoors can catch mites, flees, different parasites, colds, or injuries. The best way to fix this problem is to check in our rabbit’s everyday, cleaning their surroundings often and being aware of any changes they may suffer, physical or emotional changes.

The weather may be another negative factor in the We must provide the bunnies with a secured place to run and play. I fenced an area in my back yard where they go crazy. I used the side of the house, where the fence has not a gate, and I put some chicken wire attached to the fence and the house, and I added a baby’s gate as a door, secured with zip locks. We must be careful and secure the chicken wire to the ground well, because rabbits love to dig holes and escape, I think they do it to prove they can, not because they really want to run away. We have to be very careful with the chemical products we use in our garden, because if the bunnies run away they will be munching in our plants until we catch them, and they can be poisoned.

If the weather turns bad, with extreme temperatures or danger of storms or tornados, we should get the rabbits inside, so we must have an alternative indoors place ready for them.

Our pet rabbits can enjoy a happy outdoors life, if we pay attention to them, play with them and take good care of them.

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