How to Keep Your Bathrooms Smelling Fresh

Bathrooms are one of the first rooms in a house that can develop foul smells and odors. Keep yours smelling fresh with these tips and suggestions.

DEODORIZER AND CANDLES: First of all always keep deodorizers, air fresheners, and candles in your bathrooms. These are a good way for people to be able to freshen the air in the bathroom after they have used it. Always keep an air freshener plugged in or sitting on the bathroom counter for cleaner smelling air. It is always good to keep a vent running also, after the bathroom has been used. This removes odors and moisture.

CLEAN AND SANITIZE: Keep your toilet, bathtub, and sink clean. These are the places where moisture is, and if not cleaned and sanitized often the moisture can promote mold and bacteria growth, releasing toxins into the air. This is not only unhealthy for you and your family, it can create a horrible smell. When cleaning and sanitizing, make sure to move soap dishes, soap, shampoo, and conditioner bottles. Mold tends to grow under these things. Use antibacterial cleaning products to be sure your bathroom is as clean as it can be. Empty trash cans as soon as they start getting full, you do not want them to overflow, causing bacteria on the bathroom floor. Use plastic bags or liners to keep trash from touching the inside of trash cans. You can also spray a disinfectant inside of the trash can between uses. Spray door knobs and drawer handles with disinfectant spray as well, to keep germs from spreading.

CURTAINS, TOWELS, AND FLOORS: Make sure to replace or wash shower curtains often to keep them from growing mold. Wash towels every time they are used and do not leave towels lying on the floor, this can cause mold to grow. Sweep the bathroom floors to pick up hair and dust. After you sweep the floors, mop them with a sanitizing floor cleaner, to keep mold and bacteria from growing.

KEEP IT DRY: The bathroom is the number one place to hold moisture in a house. It is where showers are taken and sinks and toilets are used. Therefore, promote dryness whenever possible, by using a dehumidifier or a vent. After showers are taken leave the shower door or curtain open for a while to dry out the shower stall as quickly as possible. Dry off the sink and counter after using it to keep moisture to a minimum. The longer moisture lingers, the better chance mold and bacteria have to grow.

Keep you bathroom as clean and as dry as possible and this should help with freshness.

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