Top Ten Unique Headboard Ideas

Top Ten Unique Headboard Ideas – Have you found yourself in need of a headboard for your bed? Are you redecorating a room and wish to find a unique headboard to tie it all together? Here you will find 10 unique and not so unique headboard ideas.

Unique Headboard Idea No. 1 – Picket Fence Headboard

If you are considering a country theme for you your room or your daughter’s room why not consider building a picket fence headboard. Your picket fence headboard could be styled as a picket fence gate as in my “How to build a Picket Fence Headboard” article or strictly as a straight part of a fence. You could even purchase a section of vinyl picket fencing to the size you need and attach this to the bedroom wall. Entwine artificial vines and flowers around and through the picket fence headboard to give it a country garden feel.

Unique Headboard Idea No. 2 – Lattice Wood Headboard

Speaking of country garden, if you have chosen a country garden feel why not create a headboard using a section of wood or vinyl lattice. Large sections of lattice wood can be purchased at Home Depot type stores and Lumber Yards. Measure the width of the bed and bedding and have the lattice cut to this width or cut it yourself. To give it a finished look purchase enough 1×2 or 1×3 strips of wood to create a frame around the lattice. To find your dimensions measure the lattice top to bottom and left to right. You will need 4 strips of wood the width of the lattice and 4 strips the height of the lattice. If you choose to overlap rather than miter the corners then you will need to take this into account when determining your measurements (your top and bottom pieces will be the full width but the side pieces will not).

A good way to attach the frame to the lattice is by using a heavy duty stapler and wood glue such as Liquid Nails. Lay the lattice on the floor and place each piece of frame under and on top of each edge until you have determined proper placement. Begin by removing one top frame side at a time and gently lifting the lattice and placing dots of glue along the entire length of the bottom frame piece. Press the lattice into the glue and place small drops of glue on the top of the lattice and press the removed frame piece onto the glue. Use a staple gun at intervals along the length of the frame to help hold it in place being sure the placement of the staples goes into the lattice wood and not at an open space. Do this all the way around the frame. Once your frame is completely attached to the lattice (and glue is dry) attach the lattice headboard to the wall above the bed. You may do this by screwing the headboard directly into the wall studs (recommended for a younger child’s room) or by hanging with several flush mounts placed on the wall and along the top of the headboard. Add a few mini clothespins to the lattice and pictures, notes, and keepsakes can be clipped to the headboard. For a more formal garden look add flowering vines to the lattice wood headboard in a pleasing manner.

Unique Headboard Idea No. 3 – Chalk Board Headboard

Writable and erasable chalkboard paint can be purchased at many stores offering paint and supplies. I found Rustoleum Chalkboard Paint in both Green and Black at Target for $14.99. This paint can be applied to wood, metal, masonry, drywall, plaster, glass, concrete, terra cotta, paperboard or hardboard. I also found black chalkboard paint at Blick art supplies for $11.99. Paint it directly on the wall and frame it with strips of wallpaper or molding to match the room’s dÃ?©cor. If you don’t want to paint directly onto the wall an alternative would be to purchase a Ã?¼” piece of plywood and paint the chalkboard paint directly onto the wood. Frame this with molding to give it a finished look or leave it as is and hang it on the wall above the bed. Your child will enjoy hours of fun drawing pictures on his or her chalkboard headboard. You can find many more chalkboard ideas at and if you are a true do it yourselfer you will appreciate the make chalkboard paint yourself instructions I found at

Unique Headboard Idea no.4 – Chain Link Headboard

Searching the web for unique headboard treatment ideas I came across one of the most unusual I have ever seen. Any little boy or teenager into skateboarding, rollerblading, the grunge look or just wanting a more masculine looking headboard would love the chain link headboard made with chain linking fencing and all the hardware that goes with it. I found this to be a great father/son project also. For complete how-to details and a photo of how this headboard would look in your son’s bedroom go to:,2025,DIY_13822_2268771,00.html

Unique Headboard Idea No.5 – Wall Tapestry Headboard

Wall tapestries come in many shapes, sizes and themes. If you are creating a fantasy storybook themed bedroom for your little girl a tapestry headboard may be just the item to add that extra storybook charm to the bedroom. If you daughter is into mermaid themed toys and books or purchase a tapestry with a colorful underwater theme featuring a mermaid. If she is into Unicorn themed items purchase a tapestry with a colorful forest theme featuring a unicorn. Be sure to measure the bed’s width with pillows and bedding on it. The tapestry should not be more than a few inches wider than this measurement. You will also need to decide how high up the wall you are willing to hang the tapestry and take this measurement. Beautiful tapestries can be purchased at carnivals, fairs and at novelty stores. A Wall Tapestry Headboard could be a fun adventure.

Unique Headboard Idea No.6 – Grandma’s Quilt Headboard

If your grandmother was anything like mine there are multitudes of quilt’s scattered about within your family hand sewn by grandma or great-grandma. Why not put one into use as a headboard for your bedroom. This would work for either a feminine or masculine room depending on the quilt used. A little boy that loves the outdoors may enjoy having granny’s flying geese quilt showcased as his bedroom headboard. A little girl with a doll house collection may enjoy a log cabin quilt showcased in her room. If the master bedroom is painted in a neutral color such as beige or taupe why not add some color by hanging one of mother’s colorful quilts as your headboard for your bed.

It’s easy to hang a quilt and depending on the size of the bed, lap quilts or single bed quilts may be your best choice. Measure the width of the quilt and purchase a rod and supplies to mount to the wall. Next hand sew a pocket on the back side top of the quilt (don’t stitch all the way through the quilt) wide enough for the hanging rod to slip through. Hang the quilt, place the bed in front of it and you have a nicely done quilted headboard that will help you remember a much loved ancestor. If you change the color or theme of the room, just hang a different quilt. This idea works great for a toddler’s room also by using the baby bed quilts as the headboard for the toddler’s bed.

Unique Headboard Idea No.7 – Padded Headboard

Create a unique and personal padded headboard for any bedroom in just a few easy steps.

Supplies Needed

Ã?½”Plywood cut to desired size

2″ Foam and thick batting

Staple and staple gun

Desired heavy weight fabric to cover the padded headboard

Measuring tape

2 2×4’s cut to desired length (optional)

Several 2″ hex head bolts with locking nuts for securing headboard legs to metal bed frame (optional)

L Brackets and hardware (optional)


Measure the width or your bed frame and add up to 6 inches to this measurement to determine size of headboard. Next measure the desired height of the headboard. The headboard should start just level with the beds mattress. Add 12″ to the head board dimensions for cutting padding and fabric, write this measurement down.


Cut the plywood to desired size or take measurements with you to lumber store and have it cut there.

Cut foam to the exact size if the plywood

Cut batting and fabric with the dimensions determined by adding 12″ to the headboard size. (Many fabric stores will make these cuts for you).


Iron the upholstery fabric before beginning. Lay the fabric out on a clean work surface (the floor will do just fine.) Lay the batting on top of the fabric being sure to match up corners. Now lay the padding in the middle of the fabric and batting. Last lay the plywood on top of the padding. Now begin securing padding and fabric to the plywood’s back. Fold the batting and fabric over the edge of the plywood and staple into place using Ã?¼” staples about 2″ apart. To start secure 2 staples at top then bottom then left side and right side. Turn over and look to see that fabric is where you want it to be. If so turn back over and continue folding and stapling a few staples each side from top to bottom and side to side. Be sure to alternate top to bottom and side to side as you staple. Continue this all away around until you come to the corners. Fold the corners by stapling left and right sides down first and then folding over the tops and bottom to create neat folds. Finish by trimming off excess batting and fabric.


You have two choices for mounting your padded headboard, directly to the wall or on legs secured to the bed frame.

For wall mounting use “flush mounts” that can be purchased at the hardware store. These are mounted directly into the wall studs and on the back of the headboard as widely apart as possible. The headboard is then lifted onto the wall and securely onto the “flush mount” locking it into place. The bed is then moved into place and your project is complete.

The headboard on legs option is simple also. Place the headboard against the wall with the front facing the wall. Slide your bed into place being sure it is centered and mark where the metal frame holes are for securing headboard to the bed, this will give you your placement for the legs of your headboard. You may want to paint or stain the 2×4’s before this next step.) Now measure the 2×4’s and place marks at the height of the bed mattress. This measurement will determine where the bottom of the headboard will be attached to the legs. Lay the headboard down and using L brackets attach the 2×4 legs to the headboard. You may want to attach two L brackets at each leg, one near the bottom of the headboard and one near the top of the 2×4. Now stand the headboard up against the wall and move the bed in place. Now mark the placement of the metal bed frame holes on the legs. Use a drill to make the holes and then use 2″ hex head bolts to secure the headboard to the bed frame. Done!

Unique Headboard Idea No.8 – Milk Crate Bookshelf Headboard

Just starting out furnishing your first home and money is really tight. You have a bed but no headboard or end tables, what to do? Try this unique idea; build a milk crate bookshelf headboard.

Items you will need:

Plastic or wood milk crates (plastic are easier to find)

Several rolls of duct tape or large package of zip ties

Flat cardboard

First you will need to measure the width of your bed and how high you want the bookcase headboard to go. Keep in mind the higher you build it the less stable it will be. Next, decide how many shelves you will want. Draw your design out with paper and a pencil. Now start scrounging for those plastic milk crates. Many households seem to have one or two (or more) of these handy crates here and there in the garage, basement or barn. They can also be found behind most grocery stores and at Thrift Stores and Junk Yards. Staples, Target and Wal-Mart also carry these sturdy and functional crates. Ask family and friends for unused or unwanted milk crates.

Once you have as many crates as your design calls for start stacking. You will need to stack the plastic crates along the wall where the bed will be placed side by side and how many high your design calls for. For sturdier construction stack the crates opening down to start. Once you have stacked to the height decided upon (level with the bed and pillows) stack the next row with crates openings toward the front of the system. Stack in this way as high as you feel will be sturdy enough. You will now want to secure the crates to each other. For this you could use duct tape or zip ties. Secure each crate all around to the crate touching it. If you wish you may cut cardboard inserts for shelves and place inside each cubbyhole. You could also spray paint the milk crate bookshelf headboard.

Another decorative idea would be to drape material matching the room’s curtains or bedding over the top of the bookshelf and allow to hang down the sides. Place the headboard against the wall and place the bed in front of the milk crate bookshelf headboard. Now place one or two milk crates, opening down, on each side of the bed and against the wall. Cut a piece of cardboard to fit the top of the crate. Place a scarf, doily, pillow case or square of material matching the curtains or bedding over the top of the milk crates and you have two bedside tables to match your milk crate bookshelf headboard.

Unique Headboard Idea No. 10 – Baseball Bat Headboard

Do you have a pre-teen that is ready to update his bedroom d�©cor from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to a more mature theme? Is he into baseball? I have found the perfect headboard for you. Why not make a headboard using baseball bats. This is a unique and creative idea that will make the perfect accompaniment to any baseball themed bedroom. The instructions I found were for a full sized bed but I am sure with a tape measure in hand the right do-it-yourself individual will be able to determine the right dimensions. For complete instructions and a photo go to:,,HGTV_3439_1379418,00.html


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