How to Keep Your Home Safe During a Recession

Crime tends to climb during times of recession. Political turmoil only adds to the possibility for crime or vandalism. The New York Times recently reported that homes in Toronto, Canada with a political sign outside had damage done to the home and the cars parked outside. Graffiti was painted on the homes, phone lines were cut, and most alarming, brake lines on the cars were cut.

One doesn’t expect to perhaps lose their life in a car accident due to stating their political views to the public, but politics seem to be stirring up hatred world wide. It may be a good idea if you have a political sign outside to tap lightly on your brakes before you fully leave the driveway to ensure the brakes are working properly. Better safe than sorry. Better yet, if possible, park the car in the garage to keep it safe.

I have had the experience of my car brakes totally not working when sliding on ice and it is a terrifying experience. I think I’ll just test out the brakes all the time from now on before I start to drive. I do have an Obama bumper sticker on my car.

Another way to ensure safety at home is to use an alarm system that is not dependent on phone wires. It is very easy to cut the phone lines from the outside of the house. If the alarm system works via the phone lines it will then be disabled. You can’t really count on a phone-based security system to keep you safe. Most people don’t know that, but criminals do and they use that to their advantage.

Also, take the time to ensure your windows are free of bushes under them. Keep the areas below windows clear of plants or bushes so criminals do not have a hiding place while they are attempting to force open your windows.

It is also important to keep your home secure by actually using the alarm system and keeping all doors and windows locked. Crimes happen very quickly, even in broad daylight. Don’t invite criminals in by leaving them easy access to your home.

Don’t leave keys outside the home. Criminals know all the places you might hide a key. Don’t kid yourself that it is safe to have an emergency key outside. Home invasion is a growing crime. Don’t invite criminals to let themselves in with the key you gave them by leaving it outside.

Be careful who you invite into your home. Don’t have too many strangers accompany guests to a party. And be wary of holding a garage sale at your home. Too often criminals scope out homes to rob in the future by using some excuse like a garage sale to be on the property.

Get to know your neighbors and talk to them if you see anything suspicious going on in the neighborhood. Keep a close eye on your neighborhood to help all residents have a safe and crime free home.

Use motion sensor lights above doors and on walkways. Keep the areas around your home well lit when someone is entering the area to scare off criminals. Also, if you are not expecting company, seeing the outdoor lights go on is an early warning system that someone is on your property.

Have the number of the Police department set on speed dial on your phone. Also, keep a phone within easy reach in the rooms you use most often in the house.

Investing in a home safe and file cabinets that lock for your personal papers is always a good idea. Keep valuables like jewelry out of the master bedroom; that is the first place a thief will rummage through.

Don’t use strangers to work in your home. If you need to find a handyman query friends; find someone who is trusted in the community to work on your home.

Be cautious always about who you let in your house. Once they are inside you are vulnerable.

Never, ever let strangers in your house unless someone with them knows them well and can vouch for the fact that they are an honorable person. Keep your home safe from predators.

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