Runescape Level 99 Ranging How to Guide

Getting to level 99 in Runescape is not impossible nor is it a hard task, ranging is just time consuming. This guide will explain a simple and easy way for Runescape p2p members to achieve this goal. I can not give an approximate length of time on how long it will take to get to level 99 ranging due to several factors like not everyone plays the same amount of time. Just like anything else the more you work at it the faster, easier and more rewarding it becomes.

Keep in mind that getting to level 99 can be very monotonous and one can become bored and even burn out on the task at hand. Make sure you take breaks from ranging and do something else that way you don’t become very bored with it and not want to do it anymore. Pace yourself and it will pay off.

From level one ranging to level twenty you will need a plain short bow an oak short bow and a willow short bow. The reason I say short bow and not long bow is because of he speed difference. When both the long bow and short bow are on rapid the short bow shoots the arrows at a speedier rate. You will also need bronze arrows. Yes bronze and lots of them. Bronze arrows are the cheapest arrow in the game. You do not need to worry about the expensive arrows until a much higher ranging level is acquired.

Now for the monsters! This is where the task becomes repetitive. You need to kill the men and women and the goblins in and around lumbridge until you are range level twenty. When you reach level 5 ranging you can switch to the oak short bow. At level 20 you can start to use the willow short bow. A money saving tip is to retrieve your arrows once you have killed a monster. It may take a few more seconds between kills but its well worth it because of the money you will save.

From level twenty to level forty you will need lots of bronze arrows. You will also need your willow short bow, a maple short bow and a yew short bow. The monsters to train on are the level 10 dwarfs that are between Falador and Varrock. You can still train on the men and women if you prefer to. Once you get to level thirty you can use the willow short bow. When you hit level 40 switch to the yew short bow.

Now once you have reached level 40 you can go fight the moss giants that are North West of Ardougne. You will need tons of iron arrows, the iron arrows will work better than the bronze at this point, your yew short bow, and a magic short bow. You can use the magic short bow at range level 50. Here you will be able to attack the moss giants without being attacked by the monster. What you will need to do is stand between the tree and the fire that is burning. When you range the moss giants from this spot they can not reach you while you are attacking them. Doing this ensures that you will not have to waste money on food. You will want to train on the moss giants until you reach level 70 to 75.

WOW you have made it to level 70 congratulations. Ok from here you will want to sell what remaining bronze arrows and iron arrows you have left and get around 10k steel arrows to start with. If you can’t get that many that’s ok. I would at least get 1k of them. You will be going to the fire giants and training there until level 99. To be able to get the fire giants you will need to do the waterfall quest. The fire giants are not as scary as they seem to be at first glance. You will want to stand by the double doors at first and range them from there until they are not aggressive towards you anymore then you can use the table in the middle of the room to stand behind and range them.

A few final things, number one is to make sure to pick up your used arrows. The second thing is to keep all of the loot the monsters drop and then go sell it at the grand exchange. I know it means a lot of trips to the bank but you can make some serious cash this way. And finally just have fun and remember it’s just a game, have fun, stay safe, and enjoy your level 99 ranging.

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