Home Purchase Trends for the Outdoor-oriented

Home buyers look for key features in a house such as updated kitchen and bathrooms. A clean, uncluttered house helps potential buyers imagine themselves in the home, adding to the allure. Of course, there are other things homebuyers look for in the interior and exterior structure of the house. But the outside area around the house also plays a role in the home buying decision. As shown in realtor Wendy Dickstein’s article, “Which Homes Do Home Buyers Want Most?,” home buying trends now lean toward community landscaping with green spaces.

Defining community landscaping green spaces

The U.S. Forest Service article, “Planting Trees in Designed and Built Community Landscapes,” says, “Trees growing in small parks and commons, along streets, and in the yards and gardens of neighborhoods provide a mosaic of green landscapes within a community.” The U.S. Forest Service points out the green benefits of trees for helping to control air pollution and soil erosion. Trees can also “enhance property values and contribute to the economic vitality of communities,” according to the Forest Service. In other words, home buyers want to come home to areas of green grass and trees, where they or their children can play, hike, or bike.

How green spaces trend in home buying affects sellers

City dwellers need not worry if their homes lack community landscaping with green spaces. The real estate market will always support your type of home. The suburban homes with yards or nearby green areas, like hiking paths or public parks, may be easier to sell. The preferred lot is level or mostly level, close to rectangular in shape, and situated in a safe neighborhood. Planting trees or shrubs can further entice buyers while contributing to healthier air quality.

What home buyers should look for

Look for a standalone house, which typically has a larger yard than a townhouse. A heavily landscaped home, with lots of trees and shrubs, can cost more than a lesser landscaped home. Consider the lesser (or no) landscape home as an opportunity to buy and plant trees and shrubs yourself for a cost savings.

Prefer not to get involved in landscaping and yard care? Look for a gated community, townhouse, or condominium with yard maintenance as part of the association fee. Ask your realtor about available units that include nearby walking paths or community parks.

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