How to Keep Your Refrigerator Fresh

I am using a freezer which I felt that some changes should be made. So for the manufacturers it’s better to research more about how to make a refrigerator to keep every thing like solids liquids and cooked items and leafy vegetables more organized.If you want your food to be fresh these points should be considered.

1)Buy fresh vegetables and fruits.

2)Buy leafy vegetables which are packed and sealed in a cover.

How to freeze Meat and fish:

Freeze packed meat and fish from the store by covering with a plastic wrap and then place them into freezer bags. You can store meat and fish up to three months.

How to freeze Bakery Items:

Bakery items like cookies and cakes can be stored using a freezer bag or container .Breads freeze well for two months, while cookies and frosted cakes freeze well for up to a year.

How to freeze Cheese:

Freeze most cheese for up to 3 months, but do not freeze cottage cheese. Butter and margarine both freeze well for six to nine months.

How to freeze Fresh Vegetables:

Cut the vegetables as you like in small pieces or chunks. Now keep the vegetables in bowl. Now using a plastic wrap cover the bowl like a lid. Use them with in 3 to 4 days. Use frozen vegetables within eight months.If you want to keep leftover piece of pepper or onion in the freezer using plastic cover. It will be doomed very soon. Here’s a good solution that will preserve the leftover piece for at least 2 to 3 weeks. Freeze the pieces in a resealable plastic bag or a plastic container with a tight lid. Later,just break off whatever you need from the frozen bag.

How to freeze Fresh Fruits:

Wash the fruits thoroughly and remove stems.Check whether the fruit is fully ripened or not?If it is not ripened don’t keep in the freezer.Otherwise the taste will be bitter.Now freeze them in freezer bags.Use the frozen fruits with in 6 months.

How to freeze Fresh Herbs:

First chop the herbs finely. Freeze the herbs on a cookie sheet .Take them out and transfer from cookie sheet to freezer bag. Fresh leafy herbs like basil, cilantro and parsley freeze well for up to three months.

3)If you have modern freezer you have options of humidity levels. Adjust the options according to the food type.

4)Cover the food with lids.

5)If it is a fluid or solid that means cooked food you can use plastic containers or microwavable containers.

6)If you want to save cooked food for more than a day then use frozen section.

7)Cut a lime and keep that lime open in the freezer to get a fresh smell.

8)It’s recommendable to clean your freezer after 6 months. Unplug the freezer and at least for 12 hours open the doors of freezer. Add a box of baking soda to your freezer. A fresh and disinfected freezer is yours. Remember to switch the box of baking soda monthly to keep your freezer smelling fresh.


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