How to Live Green by Example

In today’s world it is essential for us to become economically friendly. Parents, Friends, Family members and children are all trying to do their part to make the world a better place to live in. The best most practical way to go about this is to live as an example. Going in green is simple!

The best thing to remember is to start small! This is very important as no one wants to do too much too soon. The steps that follow are simple and easy to utilize in your every day life. Also these suggestions will not be costly at all. What could be better than to be earth friendly and wallet friendly at the same time?

The first step is to start recycling! Do this right now even if you haven’t been before. This is absolutely essential to every day living. Get three bins and label them. Put them right next to your normal trash bin. Label one for paper, one for cans, and one for plastics. You can find a local recycling center by checking in your local paper for where they are located. Most community/ developments have recycling waste bins near the normal trash compactor. Once these bins are set up, start using them right away. Recycling is a great way to become eco-friendly.

Next go out and buy totes for shopping! Many stores have them available. They cost about $1 a tote. These totes are usually made of linen. They are great because they reduce waste (no throwing away a billion plastic bags), store more items than a plastic or paper bag (also they do not tear near as easy), and can be used for more than just grocery shopping. You can use one as a beach tote, grocery bag or even a purse. These bags have become more stylish as we grow more economically aware.

The third step on the road to going green takes place in the home. Change those light bulbs. Energy efficient light bulbs are better for the environment, energy efficient and can help with your energy costs. These bulbs cost between $5 and $7 per bulb. They are worth every penny. These bulbs also do not break as often as regular bulbs and they are guaranteed to last longer.

The fourth step is among a new trend sweeping the world. Fashion. Going green with clothes is in. There are tons of stores selling eco-friendly fashion designs now. The clothing is made out of linen, bamboo, and cotton. These items are economically sound, durable, longer lasting and better looking than synthetic materials. When shopping for clothes look for organic on the tag.

Last but not least among these steps is to remember a very key phrase. “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!” If you keep this in mind every day you will become more eco-friendly. We all learn by example. Using these steps in your everyday life is setting the example for your family. Show them and they will follow.

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