How to Look Professional when Submitting Job Applications

How To Look Professional When Submitting Job Applications
By: Alexandra Maliarakis

When trying to find a new job it is important to have professional self conduct. You will want to start with your appearance. First begin with good personal hygiene. Next you’ll want to dress professionally and appropriately for the position you are applying for.

You should always be prepared before you begin to fill out the application. You can do this by preparing a list at home with your past employment history. You will want to include the addresses and phone numbers for past employers, as well as the dates which you were employed by their company. Some applications also ask for your starting and ending pay rate at your past employment. You will also want to have a list of references available for submission.

Your references should be non-family members that you have known at least two years. It is a good idea to keep your list of references to professionally known, instead of friends.

The two most important things to remember when submitting applications are one always have a blue or black pen with you. Second, always double check the application for accuracy before handing it in.

Once you have successfully filled out the application, ask if a manager is available. By handing your application directly to a manager, this way you are adding a face to your application. Remember to be courteous, make eye contact, and smile.

Another great idea is to try and go to the business when it is their down time. This way, your chances of getting to actually speak with a manager are better because you’re not going in during the “hustle and bustle” of their busy time.

If you are able to provide a resume with your application it will definitely class it up for you. There are many resume programs available on the internet, as well as at your local library.

Once it has been about a week since you submitted your application, you should check back with the business to follow up on your application. If you keep a memo pad with the businesses you applied at and the dates this may help you.

Good luck with your future. Remember to always carry yourself professionally with a can do feeling.

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