How to Make Photo Bracelets and Necklaces

Photo bracelets are fun to make and very unique. There are many different ways to make them, all of which start with tiny holders for the photo. You can find many different bitty frames at a craft store. Some are made as charms that you normally hang on a charm bracelet, others are just tiny frames that crafters can use to attach to magnets, scrapbooks and other projects.

The size and style of the bracelet you make will decide the size of frame you need. One easy bracelet is done by using stretch cord and beads. Measure a piece of cord, the approximate size of your wrist, as well as a couple of extra inches for tying. Thread the charm-type picture frame onto the cord, then begin stringing the beads on one side. Match the pattern and the amount of beads and string them onto the opposite side. Tie. Squirt glue into the hole of one bead, on the under-wrist side of the bracelet, and position the knot inside the bead. This will conceal the knot and make the bracelet look more professional.

Measure three pieces of cord, each the size of your wrist measurement, plus a couple of inches for tying. String any pattern of beads onto the cord, choosing beads that aren’t too bulky or strangely shaped. After you’ve strung the beads stretch them over something that is the approximate size of your wrist, like a coffee cup, glue bottle, or another object. Align the beads to where the three strands are butted together and the tied part of the strings are positioned together.

Choose a picture frame that is the approximate length of the three strands together. Place glue on the back perimeter of the picture frame, after inserting the picture, then glue it over the place where the ends are tied together. This makes a cute bracelet that any mom or grandmother would love. And, you can use four or five strands, too. Choose the size you want the bracelet to be then select a frame, with no loop for hanging, to attach to the bracelet. The same designs can be done to make a choker-type necklace to match.

A different design is done with a piece of fabric or vinyl. Choosing vinyl will allow you to omit the sewing. If you’ll be making a fabric bracelet, cut a strip that’s a couple of inches longer than the circumference of your wrist. Stitch edges and ends. Apply snaps or velcro. Attach the photo frame to the top wrist portion of the band. If you’re using colored vinyl, just install the preferred closure and glue on the picture frame. It’s very easy to make a matching choker – just cut the fabric or vinyl longer.

One other idea is to braid leather strips together to make the bracelet or necklace. You can purchase hardware to make a metallic closure or make the pieces where they tie together. Use fabric glue to attach the mini frame to the braid. Charm bracelets are everywhere but homemade picture bracelets and necklaces are rare. You’ll be the talk of the town when everyone sees yours, and your loved ones will be thrilled to see how much they mean to you.

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