How to Make Your Apartment Safe

Apartment safety can be a little bit different from what you would do for a house because you live in a closer proximity and there are many more people living in the same building besides you and your family. Here are some things you can do to protect your family and belongings, whether it be a fire or personal safety.

Fire safety tips:

1. Smoke detectors – install them in every bedroom, hallway, kitchen, and laundry area. Also test your smoke detector and replace the batteries every six months.

2. Fire extinguishers – keep them in an accessible place in the kitchen, laundry area, and if you have an outside grill, near it to.

3. Escape plan – You and your family should practice an escape plan regularly. The plan should have two escape routes, out the main door and through a window or another door. You may want to purchase a rope ladder if you live on an upper floor without a fire escape.

4. Never use an elevator during a fire – It is in you best interest to stay away from using elevators in a fire. It could malfunction and then you will be stuck.

5. Fire hydrants – Do not park in front of them. This blocks access for the hose and can waste time, which every second counts in a fire.

General safety tips:

1. Carbon monoxide detector – It is good insurance to know that carbon monoxide is not building up in your home.

2. Screen guards – These are very important to use especially the higher up you are and if you have small children. You hear a lot of cases where children have died falling out of windows.

3. Apartment and building number – Keep these handy by your telephone. Incase of an emergency other members of your family or a babysitter will be able to give out the information quickly without having to remember in a stressful time.

4. Apartment number – Your apartment number should be on your entry door and be seen clearly so emergence responders can find the emergency quickly.

5. 911 – Every person in you family should know how and when to dial 911. The faster the call goes out the faster the emergency can be dealt with.

Intruder safety tips:

1. Apartment watch – A group watching for suspicious activity is better than one person.

2. Deadbolt locks – If you don’t have one already install one and place a brace on sliding doors.

3. Good Lighting – Hallways, stairways, and other common areas should be well lit to prevent suspicious activity.

4. Common entry door – Only tenants should enter. The door should not be open for strangers.

Keep these tips in mind and you will have a safer renting experience.

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