How to Make a Change Purse

No, change purses aren’t usually too expensive, so most people who want one simply purchase one, but you can also make a change purse yourself – quickly and easily. It’s no big deal to make a change purse – you don’t even have to know how to sew to make it. Use fabric glue instead of needle and thread, and you’ll have just as nice a change purse as you would purchase at a store – even better because you made it yourself. The project is so easy, in fact, that even kids can do it.

To make a change purse, you’ll need to decide on the fabric you’ll use. Most any fabric will work, but it’s best if you choose a fabric that’s thick, like corduroy, denim or even leather. Softer fabrics, like silk or satin, will allow the purse to sag when full of change, unless you line the fabric with something thicker, like velvet.

Decide on the size you want the change purse to be. This decision is totally up to you but a 3″x4″ purse is ideal. That means you’ll start with a piece of fabric which is 9″x7″. That allows for folding the fabric in half to make the purse, and additional fabric for folding and hemming.

If you’ll be stitching the change purse, fold the top edge one half inch and hem. Do the same to the opposite side. Now fold the fabric in half, with right sides together, and stitch along the side seams, making sure to backstitch when you reach the edge. Turn the purse right-side-out and stitch velcro along the edges to hold shut. Or, put in a small zipper by first pinning it into the opening, then stitching it in place.

If you’ll be using fabric glue to make your change purse, fold the cloth in half then fold the edge down a half-inch and glue. Do the same to the opposite side. Now use the glue to seam the sides, weighting it with something heavy after adding the glue. Fabric glue dries quickly, making it easy to move on to the next step. When completely dry, turn the purse right-side-out and add velcro to close.

If you’re working with solid fabric you can now decorate the coin purse in any number of ways. Use fabric paints to add your initial, glue on faux stones or jewels, or string beads and glue them to the coin purse.

It’s not necessary to make your coin purse rectangular. Cut the rectangular piece of cloth then round the bottom with scissors. Now continue the sewing or gluing process to finish the coin purse.

Making coin purses is a great project for kids, a perfect gift for a loved one, or just something to put in your own pocket or purse. If you want something even nicer, look at a craft store for hardware that attaches to the top part of the purse and allows you to open and shut the coin purse. The metallic hardware piece is inexpensive and gives a look of elegance to the purse.

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