How to Make a Fun and Funky Bathroom Shade

One of the best ways to get privacy in your bathroom is to use a roller shade since they can’t be seen through. However, they can be a bit bland and boring since they are just plain white. Here are some fun tips on how to spice up a plain roller shade and turn it into a funky custom shade for your bathroom window. Here’s what you’ll need:

1 Plain White Roller Shade to Fit Your Window
1 Yard Beaded Fringe
1 Yard Matching Ribbon
Hot Glue Gun
Acrylic Paint in Whatever Colors You Want
Stamps, Paintbrushes, Stencils or Any Other Creative Painting Items

To get started, unroll the shade all the way on a good work surface. If you are sloppy painter you may want to cover the surrounding area with newspaper to catch any spills. Start by giving the entire shade a good base coat of paint in a color that matches your bathroom decor. Allow that to dry and then add any decorative painted elements you want by painting them directly with a paint brush, stamping them or stenciling them. Use your creativity and make it something pretty. When you are done painting allow it to dry thoroughly.

Next, lay the beaded fringe along the bottom edge of your shade and cut it to the right length. Heat up your glue gun and attach the beaded fringe to the bottom of the shade using hot glue. You may need to work in sections to ensure that the glue doesn’t cool too quickly since it needs to be hot and sticky to hold the fringe. Once the fringe is attached, lay the ribbon along the bottom edge of the blind and cut it to the right length to go all the way across the bottom. Go back with your hot glue and glue the ribbon over the top of the fringe to hide where you glued it onto the shade.

Once everything on your shade is dry you can mount it in your bathroom window and enjoy your handiwork while still getting the privacy that you need. Again, remember to be creative and have fun with this project.

Beaded fringe comes in a large assortment of styles. You could also make your own fringe for your blind by using cute beads shaped like fish, starfish, or any other bathroom related theme. Just tie a knot in a piece of thread, string the beads on to the length you want and stitch it right onto the bottom of the shade, tying a knot to secure it. You can do this down the whole length of the blind spacing the fringe as you see fit, and then cover the area where the beads are attached to your shade with ribbon to finish it off and give it a nice clean look.

Making your own bathroom shade is a fun and easy project that is great for kids to help out with too!

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