Tips for Organizing Your Scrapbooking Supplies

If scrapbooking is your hobby, then you may find it hard to keep all of your supplies organized and easily accessible, yet out of the way. I will share with you in this article some different ideas on how to keep your scrapbooking supplies organized so you can easily find something when your ready to scrapbook.

It would probably be a good idea to do this on a day when you have plenty of time. Let’s start with paper. Some people love to collect paper so if you are one of those people you probably have more paper than Hobby Lobby. If you can do this it would probably be a good idea to start separating your papers by solid colors, seasons, and themes. What you want to accomplish by doing this is to easily find the paper you need when you start on a page. You will need some type of shelving or cabinet space to hold these papers. Another idea is to get those plastic storage bins that have drawers that you can purchase at Wal-mart. Those work great and are the perfect size to hold your papers.

Once the papers have been sorted let’s move on to the stickers, letters and embellishments. Again, it is a good idea to group everything by type. All letters together, all numbers, seasons and themes. You can buy a folder to hold all of your stickers in. A good tip is to get baseball card holders that fit into a notebook and put your stickers and such in there. It is very easy to find what you are looking for.

Now let’s take a look at all of your scissors, glues, pens, and punches. Cute baskets make neat holders for your hole punches and bigger items. Or you can purchase cute accessory holders at your craft store. Let me give you an idea that I had. You can use those kitchen tool turnabouts that hold your spatulas, spoons, etc. to hold your scissors, pens, and other items. They turn easily so it makes it even more convenient when trying to find what your looking for.

Another way that I keep organized is group my projects together and keep in separate drawers. I have about 3-4 projects going now so I keep each of those in different compartments. Also, if you are working on one particular scrapbook you can keep that scrapbook, papers you want to use, and the pictures all together in a bag to have ready the next time you decide to work on it. You may also want to keep all the supplies you plan on using for that project in that bag as well so you can just grab the bag and your ready to get started. It makes for easy clean up too!

The main goal here is once you have your scrapbooking supplies organized you will probably start scrapbooking more. When everything is disorganized and in a mess you have no desire to search for everything to get started and your creativity probably is non existent. Having a clean and organized space will encourage you and hopefully get you started on those projects you have long neglected.

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