Methods of Gypsy Moth Control

Gypsy moths can cause a lot of damage to the trees in your yard. There are a few methods of gypsy moth control you can use to deal with this problem. Some of them include barrier bands, burlap strips, and garden hoses. This article will discuss different methods of gypsy moth control.

Egg Masses

One of the first methods of gypsy moth control involves getting rid of the egg masses. They are usually found on tree trunks, rock walls, lawn furniture, and dead bark. Each egg mass can produce approximately 500 caterpillars. When you find these egg masses, you just scrape them and put them in a jar of diluted alcohol, chlorine bleach, or soapy water.

Barrier Bands

Barrier bands are another method of gypsy moth control. These bands are coated with a sticky substance and wrapped around the trunk of a tree. When the caterpillars try to climb the tree, they will stick to the barrier bands. When the bands become full of caterpillars, you simply scrape them off and put the caterpillars in a jar of soapy water to drown them. Barrier bands lose their effectiveness over time, so you will have to replace them occasionally.

Burlap Strip

Another method of gypsy moth control is a burlap strip. A burlap strip is tied to a tree with twine or wire then folded down. This provides an area of shelter for caterpillars to hide in during the day. When the caterpillars come down from the tree and hide under the burlap strip each day, you simply collect them and put them in a jar.

Garden Hose

You can also use your garden hose for gypsy moth control. When you spot small caterpillars during the spring, you can simply spray them with your garden hose. If the hose has enough water pressure, this will kill many of them. For even better results, you can use a hose attachment filled with insecticidal soap.


One of the final methods of gypsy moth control involves planting trees that don’t attract the pests. Some of the types of trees you can try planting include walnut, ash, locust, and sycamore trees. If you plant these types of trees, you will not see a lot of caterpillars in your yard.

These are a few methods of gypsy moth control. One of the easiest ways to deal with these pests is to get rid of the egg masses that contain approximately 500 caterpillars. You can also use barrier bands to trap the caterpillars.

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