Walmart Strives to Improve Ergonomics

Wal-Mart strives everyday to improve ergonomics for their employees. They are continuously working to improve work place conditions for safety for both employees and customers.

With a company so large, safety and ergonomics are very important. Maintaining a healthy environment is important to Wal-Mart. They are formatting ways everyday to make it better for everyone.

Wal-Mart has established two experimental stores called green stores to help our environment. They are reducing packing, using vegetable and motor oil for heating, and using radiant floor heating to help with safety from snow. This experiment is also to try to get zero waste, and improve our environment.

Wal-Mart is providing a 10% discount to its employees on fresh vegetables and fruits for better health. They are also providing some medicines for $4.00 for this same reason.

They are working to make areas uncluttered for safety, and controlling inventory to eliminate accidents. They are always working on freight flow, and stocking procedures to alleviate pressure on the employees. They are also using backroom organization, and use safety teams to help improve safety. Stable stacking is also used for safety and ergonomics.

SWAS (store within a store) is used to solidify safety plans. Trend analysis is also used. Another thing used is Remix. This is evolving from a category based logistics network, to a velocity based network.

This is used to get stock off trucks easier, and quickly unload it to reduce work for employees, and provide better ergonomics.

I think Wal-Mart’s efforts to improve ergonomics is very well thought out, and is helping with safety in our store. The safety team stays busy at making sure everyone is safe, and work is easier on our bodies.

This is very good for employees to do their job well when there is no safety issues to be concerned about. Better workplace environments are key to better employee relations.

Wal-Mart has had to break barriers with community relations. They are always getting negative feedback. But with this being such a large company, this is bound to happen.

Without Wal-Mart in my small community, we would not have many jobs. Their pay is decent, and some insurance is offered at smaller prices. The workplace is pretty safe, and I am glad to have a job there.

Their continuous improvement for safety and ergonomics makes a difference for my fellow employees and I.


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