How to Make a Tin Can Car

Do not throw your vegetable cans out next time you make dinner. You can make toy can cars. Tuna, cat and dog food, chicken, and ham cans can be used for parts of the car. For the smaller cans that foods like deviled ham and Vienna sausages come in, those can be used as well.

Items Needed for the Toy Vegetable Can Car

14.5 ounce Vegetable Can. The vegetable can will be the body of the car.

4 Round Wooden Wheels. The wheels are just that the wheels on the car so that it will “go round and round.”

Drill and 1/4 inch Drill Bit. The drill and bit will be used to drill holes into the tin can for the wheels to be attached to make the tin can car roll.

1/4 inch Dowel rod. The dowel rod will be used to attach the wheels to the tin can.

Paints. Use the paints to paint the tin can and wheels. They can be of any color since this is a craft project with which a child can help.

Wood Glue. The wood glue will be used to attach the wooden wheels to the end of the dowel rod pieces.

Making the Tin Can Car

Remove the label and glue off the vegetable can and wash out the can. Let the can dry.

Lay the tin can on its side and drill four holes into the tin can about 1/4 of the way up the side of the can.

Have the child paint the exterior of the can in any way they want. This will allow the child to make their car unique to their personality. Let the tin can dry. It may take more than one base coat of paint on the tin can to cover the metal. While the can is drying, have the child paint the wheels next. Let the wheels dry.

Cut two pieces from the dowel rod in 3 inch lengths. Once the wheels and tin can are dry, insert the dowel rod through the holes. Place a small drop of glue onto the dowel rod and insert it through the holes in the wheels. If there are not any holes in the wheels, drill holes in the wheel. Let the glue dry before letting the kids play with the tin can car.

Larger tin cans can be used to make larger cars. The dowel rod and wheels will need to be adjusted to the size of the tin can being used. Happy car making.

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