How to Make a Two Front Teeth Halloween Costume

Store bought Halloween costumes can be quite expensive with some priced at $20.00 and over. That is a lot of money to spend on something that you may not ever wear again. The quality of some of the store bought Halloween costumes can definitely be something that will leave you wanting more and wondering where your money went. This is especially true if you are trying to buy a costume for more than one person. The solution is quite simple, make your own Halloween costume. In this article I am going to show you a quick,easy and very affordable way to make a Halloween costume. The costume we are going to be making today is called Two Front Teeth. It is geared for more than one person, or what I would normally refer to as a couple themed Halloween costume.

If I were to rate this Halloween costume on the difficulty scale I would give it the rating of moderately easy to be able to achieve the desired Halloween costume outcome. If I were to rate this Halloween costume on the monetary scale I would have to give it the rating of inexpensive, meaning that it would cost very little money to achieve the desired results of this Halloween costume.

Supplies that you will need to make the Two Front Teeth Halloween costume are as follows: Two sturdy cardboard refrigerator boxes(you can look at places such as Sears or anyplace that sells appliances and they will normally give you the boxes for free), white paint, box cutter or scissors, pencil,white face paint, white stocking hat and white clothing (long sleeved shirt , pants and shoes).

Two Front Teeth Halloween Costume: Take one refrigerator box and cut the bottom off of it completely. Then take your pencil and draw a shape on the front of the box towards the bottom. This shape should be the shape that a tooth looks like towards the bottom of the tooth, slightly curved. Try to make the bottom look as similar to a real tooth by adding four curves that a tooth has.Turn the box over and do the exact same shape on the back of the box with the pencil. Then use your box cutter or scissors and cut the shape out.

The other end of the box should still be sealed. Take your box cutter or scissors and cut a hole in the middle of the top of the box. This is where your head will go. After you cut the hole take duct tape and secure the remaining parts of the top to help reinforce their previous seal. Make sure to do this so the tape is not visible.

Put the box over your head and get your partner to take the pencil and draw a circle where your arms should go on both of the sides of the box. The arm holes should be as equal as possible. Take the box off and cut out the holes.

Now is time to paint your Front Tooth. Take the white paint and paint the entire box white. You should do this one side at a time, so make sure you allow time for each side to dry before you move to the next side.

Repeat the exact same steps again for your Second Front Tooth.

Put your teeth on, paint your faces white, wear a long sleeved white shirt, long white pants, white shoes and put on your white stocking cap and your Two Front Teeth Halloween costume is done!

The above directions are for basic plain white Two Front Teeth. However if you want to add an interesting twist to your costume you could easily turn them into rotten teeth. If you wish to make rotten teeth you will have to do the basic steps above with the following EXCEPTIONS:

Instead of white paint you can use a mixture of white, black and yellow paint. You can paint the entire tooth white then go over and add black cavities and yellow spots sporadically throughout the entire tooth, front and back.

When you are making the tooth outline instead of four nice curved shapes at the bottom you can make jagged shapes. As many as you wish to make the tooth look rotten. You can also crinkle the box a bit to give the overall tooth a worn look.

Instead of wearing white you can wear a mixture of white, yellow and black. Remember to coincide with the rotten places on the tooth as well.

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