How to Organize Your Kitchen

For many families, the kitchen is the “hub” of the home. Everything revolves around the kitchen, and an unorganized, cluttered kitchen, is a recipe for family disaster.

We all know how it is when we can’t find something we’re looking for. We dig through cupboards and pantries. We become agitated and grouchy, and, without realizing it, we take that out on those around us. The best way to avoid issues such as this, is to organize your kitchen, from top to bottom.

Start with your countertops and sink. Wash all dishes and scrub the sink. Clear the counters of excess clutter and scrub them. Now, you feel a little better about your kitchen and are ready to move on.

First, grab a couple of boxes to keep handy while you organize. Mark one as “donate”, and the other as “unsure”. The “donate” box is obvious. You probably have kitchen items that you never use, have duplicates of, or just don’t want anymore. Donate to a charity that can use them. The “unsure” box is for items you want, but are not sure where to put them quite yet.

Start with your cabinets. Organize all your dishes. Those dishes you need for baking and cooking should be readily available near the stove. Make the investment at your local department store and purchase some wire racks that allow you to stack different items. Sure, it is easy to stack those small plates directly on top of the dinner plates. But it is never easy to reach in and grab a dinner plate with those little plates on top!

Keep a cupboard available for small kitchen appliances. They should not be kept on the counters, where they will take up space. Try to keep as much items as you can off of your counters. Perhaps you might want to invest in a breadbox for bread. (Remember to use your “donate” and “unsure” boxes as you go!)

If you have a deep pantry, you might want to consider using baskets, or removing the shelving altogether and adding a cart, with “basket drawers”. These can be found at home improvement stores, and are great for keeping things from getting shoved to the back and forgotten about!

Keep your refrigerator and freezer organized and clean. It is important to clean out your refrigerator every week, prior to going grocery shopping. This will help you tailor your grocery list as needed, and make ample room for the groceries you are about to buy.

Finally, take that “donate” box out to your car so you won’t forget to take it to your favorite charity location. Go through your “unsure” box one item at a time and find a home for it.

Organizing will help your mood, and give you a fresh start in the kitchen. It will also help your pocketbook, as you will waste less money buying things you don’t need. Now is the time, so go grab those boxes!

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