How to Pick a Combination Lock with a Soda Can

Many people think that locking their personal items in a locker is quite safe, when this is actually very wrong. About 90% percent of all combination locks can be hacked into in less than a minute using a special tool made from a soda can.

Use the pictures to help with the steps!

The first step in hacking a lock, is to create that special tool that is needed in the operation. To make this a scissors and a can of soda will do. First cut the soda top and bottom off at the first ridge, so all that is left is a hollow cylinder that is very bendable.

The second step is to cut the cylinder on one side so that it is one flat piece of aluminum. From here cut a rectange that is about 1inch by 4 inches long. This does not have to be exact.

The third step is to cut the shap of an “M” out in the middle of the rectangle, by cutting two small triangles in the metal. This is the part that will be used to open the lock.

The fourth step is to fold the edges up so that they fold around and over the edge. The piece now looks like a line, with a “V” sticking down from it.

The fifth step is to wrap the tool around the metal hardended “U” shape to get the shape of the lock.

Finally, the sixth step is to insert the tool in where the lock closes, slide down past the ball, or piece of metal that is locking it shut, and pull up on the metal “U” and the lock should open up with little or no problems.

These steps will open almost combination lock, even though a finally created tool will help on better made locks.

So there you have it, a heavy duty combination lock can be opened in less than a minute using a common can found lying in the trash, and a scissors. This will make you think twice before leaving valubles inside a locked lockers again after you see how easy it is to open one.

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