How to Plan a Party

Whether it be a bridal shower, baby shower or a birthday party it should be organized. There are many ways to paln for this “big day”. It takes time, money and effort to plan a party. It takes a few people to help plan it all out. First person should be in charge of inviting people. They should make a list of people to invite and make the invitations. It is best if you mail the invitations out 4 weeks before the party. This gives the person enough time to respond and plan their schedule out . This peron should be keep track of number of heads coming to the party.

It makes a difference when you know how mnay people are coming to the party when buying food, drinks and entertainment. The second person should be in charge of the food. When numbers of heads are counted then you know how much to buy. You can make your own snacks and the main course. If you do not have time or choose not to make anything then you can get a catering service to bring the food . Catering services are great if you have some money. They make it easy to just go on planning the party and not worrying what to make to eat for the guests. Some catering services are, DAngelos, Dominos Pizza, Some fine restraunts and most grocery stores have catering service.

If you choose to make the snacks here is some great ones:
crackers with cheese
chips and dip
nachos with cheese

If you choose to make a meal then here is some great ones:
stuffed potatoes with chicken
tuna salad
potatoe salad
tuna fish sandwiches

Those are some great enteres to make. The third person should be in charge of the decorations. Everyone loves going to a party and eeing pretty decorations up everywhere. This person should be in charge of decorating and buying the decorations. The day of the party this person can decorate a few hours before the party starts.

Here is a list to take with you to buy decorations:
helium tank
plastic forks, knives, spoons
disposable camera
party favors
silly string
a card for the event

The popular stores to go for this stuff is Walmart, Toys R Us, Kmart, and KB Toys. If you are on a tight budget then you can go to the dollar stores, Family Tree or Family Dollar. They have everything there that you will need for only a buck.

If you have more people to help then it is better. They can help do something. If you do not have many people to help then it is ok. It is hard to plan a party with alot of of people coming. If you want to do a simple party then my suggestion would be to just order a cake and get some paper plates, forks, spoons and candles. If you do not have many people coming then just buy a few bags or chips, nuts and make small sandwiches. This would be fine.

When you get the responses from people that are coming or not then you order the food. By the number of heads coming you can know how much you will need to spend. Well this party is planned so now you can relax a little knowing that this article has said what has needed to be said. Enjoy and get the camera and video camera out . This will be a fun party no matter what kind it is. CELEBRATE!

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