Vintage Inspired Wedding Favors

Vintage inspired wedding favors are the perfect ending to a romantic wedding. Everything vintage is so hot right now, whether it is jeans or a piece of furniture for your home. These wedding favors are all affordable, easy to find, easy to make, and best of all vintage inspired. Whether your wedding was vintage, romantic, classic, or even contemporary you can take inspiration from these wedding favor ideas.

Vintage Handkerchiefs are a beautiful wedding favor perfect for any season. Everyone cries at a wedding, so they might even come in handy. You could have them displayed in a basket near the door where all of your guest will be exiting, so they can take one as they leave. Other options would be to go ahead and place one vintage hanky on each seat at the ceremony. It would be a timeless romantic gesture that would definitely set the tone for your wedding. For a more traditional approach to the wedding favor you could have one vintage hank placed on the dinner plate of your guests at the reception. This would work well if you vintage hankies match the theme or dÃ?©cor of your wedding. If your guests are seated with name cards it would be a nice touch to place a feminine vintage handkerchief in the ladies place and a retro vintage man’s handkerchief in the men’s’ seats. You could also use the vintage hankies to wrap some candy coated almonds or mints. Tie them shut with a pretty ribbon and place the basket near the exit door. You guest wills love this I find vintage hankies at the flea market all the time. They range from brightly colored affairs to classic white creations. Antique shops are also a great place to find vintage hankies as well. In general you will find that they can cost as little as fifty cents to as much as $5. is a great source for vintage handkerchiefs online. She has them organized by categories, making them easy to search through.

For a Christmas wedding vintage Christmas tree ornaments would be a fabulous wedding favor for your guests. I see vintage Christmas tree ornaments all the time at flea markets and antique shops. You should expect to pay anywhere form $3 to $5 per ornament. If you need to save some money or you can’t seem to find enough ornaments you can also find new ornaments that are vintage inspired at stores like Target and K Mart. I also always see them at the Christmas store in the mall that every city seems to have. Use some of those cute price tags that attach with a string and write the name for your guest on them, attach them to the ornament, and use the vintage ornaments as place cards your wedding guests can take home with them. You can find these price tag that attach with the string at Office Depot and even Michael’s Arts and Crafts.

Vintage books are a fabulous wedding favor that is both unique and affordable if you know where to look. The library near me has an annual sale every year. They group the books by poetry, short stories, cooking, history, and countless other categories. Why not buy some inexpensive vintage looking poetry books and place on at each guests seat. The library near me has books that range from as little as $0.25 all the way to $1000. I found lots of poetry books a short story books this year for $0.50 and $1. They all looked old and would have made great wedding favors. Flea markets, Goodwill, and yard sales are also great sources for vintage looking books. For an added touch to your vintage wedding favor you could insert a custom bookmark with you and you new spouse’s name and the date printed on them.

Teacups and saucers are a fabulous vintage wedding favor that is easy to find and super affordable. I find affordable vintage looking at cups and saucers everywhere I go. They run rampant at flea markets, you can buy them new in any home store, and even at the dollar store has them. Take the vintage look one step further and put a few tea bags in the cup. Slip the saucer, teacup and tea bags into a clear plastic bag and tie it shut with a ribbon. The look is truly vintage, romantic, and perfect for any wedding. The best feature about using vintage teacups is that they are perfect for mixing and matching. The more patterns the more vintage your wedding favors will look. For a more contemporary wedding your could go with a more modern tea cup and saucer.

For a quick and easy vintage wedding favor use those clear plastic bags you find at any craft store and fill them with candy. Close the bag with a vintage brooch, vintage clip on earring, or even a black velvet ribbon. The look is timeless and this is an easy project.

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