Wedding Showers: Breaking The Ice

Showers and parties can be a lot of fun, but sometimes they start out a little awkward. Finding ways to make your guests feel comfortable with each other is the most important job of any hostess.

Here are three icebreakers that will help make your job easier:

When all of your guests have arrived, give each one a piece of paper and a pencil, and have each person write down their relationship to the bride. Ask them to fold up the piece of paper then place it into the bowl you have provided. Mix up the papers and pass the bowl around. Have each guest select a slip of paper. After he or she reads it, have that person guess who wrote it.

Some of your guests will already know each other, so it will be easy for them, but this is a good way for those who don’t already know everyone else to get acquainted.

Another idea is to give each person a dollar as he or she arrives. Let them know they can keep the dollar if they join the activity. This will help encourage some people to participate.

Select dollars that were printed in different years. Ask your guests to gather together then go around the room, giving guests a few moments to introduce themselves then describe the most interesting thing that happened to them the year that their dollar was printed.

The third idea is to have the bride introduce each person. This works well if guests seem a bit shy. Have her start at one end of the room and go around until she has introduced each person by name, as well as by their relationship to her. It is a good idea to discuss this with the bride in advance, if the shower is not a surprise, or at least pull her to the side and make sure she doesn’t mind before beginning the activity.

If you can get your guests to relax, they are sure to enjoy themselves, guaranteeing that the shower will be a success.

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