How to Play with Long Rang Weapons on Overgrown

Let me start by saying the Overgrown is probably my favorite map in terms of long range combat. There are so many spots to hide and so many long open stretches of land to snipe or pick people off with a M16. I would recommend you use a M16, M40A3 with Acog, or any sniper of your choice to get maximum effect.

When you first start out you really, really need to avoid the half blown up building where all the snipers rush to. You don’t need to go there and you don’t need to be able to see it. The only exception to this is if you know you are the best sniper playing, and you can pick 2 or 3 opposing snipers off before they can get you. If you rush to this spot, you will be killed more than you kill.

One of the best spots on the whole map that I have found and is know by very little people is on top of the raged out shed at the back of the map. You get there by starting at the barn. You run across the field toward the shed. When you start to go up the small hill at the end of the field you aim toward the right edge of the window beside the door, jump, and press jump repeatedly while in the air. You will find yourself on the corner of the roof. You can’t walk to the other side of the building but you can walk along the corner of the roof and hide in the bushy part of the tree. I’ve picked off five or six people before having to move. This is an awesome place if the enemy is camping in the barn.

The next place you need to know is on top of the buildings in the middle. It’s very easy to get up on the buildings. Jump on the dumpster in the back ally, jump on the brick wall, and then jump on the white tank. From the tank run and jump onto the tin porch roof. You are now on the first building. Everyone knows how to do this, but not the second part. Now go to the edge of the roof and look down. You should see a white picket fence. Jump on this fence and walk the fence to the next roof. Jump on this roof and kill until your heart is content. Since this roof is flat, if you get in the middle and lay down the only person in the game that can see you would be on the roof of the first building.

One of the most underrated strategies in this map is camping the chocked points. There are two main choke points, the two bridges. Find yourself a good grassy spot with a good look at the bridge and you will rack up 3 or 4 kills very quick. You want to make sure you move after 45 seconds or so. Move to a spot that has a view of your last spot and happily kill the 2 or 3 people that come back to knife you.

I could go on even further about specific spots, but ill cover even more in my next article. For now you know all you need to know in order to get 20+ kills in overgrown. Move slow and keep grass around you as much as you can. Avoid going into houses because many are booby trapped with claymore. Keep to the outside of the map and try to not be predictable.

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