How to Prepare Your Campsite

Find a high-level ground. Before you assemble your tent, find an area that is elevated from the ground. This will keep you away from the water on the ground in case it will rain. Choose an area that has shade. Staying on a shady area will keep you cool and relaxed on a sunny or hot day. You will also enjoy hanging out in a cool area that the shade brings.

However, if you observed that there is a possibility it will rain – avoid placing your tent under a tree. If you do so, you would still experience the water dropping from the tree – even if the rain stops already. There is also a risk of you getting hit by lightning.

Find space for cooking. Some campsites have a cooking area designed for campers. But if your place has none, look for a flat area where you can prepare and cook food. For obvious reasons, you should avoid cooking inside your tent. Ensure that your cooking area is away from dry leaves, twigs or any materials that may cause fire – and don’t leave the fire unattended.

Have a garbage bin. Do not throw your trash anywhere. Bring your garbage bin and plastics where you can put all your leftovers. Place the bin away from your tent. And if you’re staying for more than one day, change the garbage plastic daily.

Campground Rules – Rule!

Most of the campsites have campground rules. These are usually posted near the entrance of the camping site. It is important that you and your other companions must observe these rules to keep things in order and peaceful. It is also there so that everyone who visits the campsite would also enjoy the place and the view as it originally is.

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