Save Money and Mother Earth with Your Clothes Dryer

Laundry is a necessary expense. We could just buy and trash clothing as we need it, but that is not the most cost effective or environmentally friendly approach to keeping ourselves clothed. So, barring a membership in a nudist colony, we all have to wash and dry our duds.

It does not need to be as expensive as it now, though. There are very simple ways to save a dollar or two on your laundry needs. Some may just take a moment or two of your time, and others require no additional time at all. The savings might seem small at first, but a little effort can pay off big time in the long run.

These tips will help you make the most of your laundry drying needs while being cost effective. Who knows? This article might help you to be a little more environmentally friendly while saving your hard earned cash.

1. Hang your clothes to dry. The math is simple on this one. If your dryer is not on then you are not spending money on the electricity to run it. Wind from Mother Nature is free, where the gas or electricity you use to run your dryer can add up quickly. This is also an environmentally friendly option as well.

2. If you must use your dryer, use it while it is hot. This is another simple tip. Do your laundry one load after another and replace the dry clothing with wet clothing quickly. Your dryer does not have to work over time to reheat itself for the next load and it saves energy in the long run.

3. Have your dryer work for you. That dryer can get hot and produces a lot of hot air. Turn your vents so that they point indoors during the cold months. Your dryer can help heat your house, or at the very least provide warmth in the laundry room, while just doing what it does best. Do not forget to turn the vents back outside when the temperature rises outside.

4. Reduce the amount of fabric softener you use. Dryer sheets come in precut sizes, but that does not mean that you need to use exactly that amount. Try cutting them in half and see how that works. If half meets your needs, try cutting the sheets into quarters. Keep reducing the size until you find the amount that works for you. You could easily half or quarter the amount of fabric softener that you use which can multiply your savings.

5. Reuse dryer sheets. Try using the same dryer sheet for multiple loads. There is still some fabric softener and static reducer on the sheet after the first run through. Then, after the sheet has spent its dryer usefulness, breathe new life into it in other areas of the house. Dryer sheets make great dust clothes after they have been run through the dryer. The static reducer also helps dust stay off of electronics and television sets. They are also great for cleaning automotive dashboards. Finally, they can work well as fresheners. Just stuff one in each stinky gym shoe or place into drawers and closets to keep clothes smelling fresh and clean.

Costs are going up and the environment can use all of the help we can give it. Follow these simple steps and tips and you will be giving both Mother Nature and your wallet a helping hand. Your dryer is a great place to start being green while saving green.

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