How to Prepare Your Home for Professional Painters

The first step in preparing for an exterior painting job of your home is to hire an expert exterior painting company such as Liberty Painting and Pressure Washing. The company will take care of the preparation and painting of the home, but there are a few steps you can take to get ready for the arrival of the painting team.

1. Work with a Consultant

Work with the consultant who comes to your home to go over the necessary work and price. Ask what type of equipment will be used to paint your home. Will there be lattices? Will there be damage to your plants? How will the painters maintain clean up? These are all valid questions which professionals will be able to answer. Ask if there are any items you will need to move to help the painters work on the house.

2. Clean Up

Clean up anything that needs to be removed from the side of the house as reviewed with the consultant. For example, if you have a woodstove and wood is stacked along the side of the home, you will need to move the wood for the job to be complete. Move anything which is against the house. Professionals will work around plants or bushes, so these can be left alone.

3. Review the Time Frame

Find out when the painters will be at your home. You will need to know if they intend to work during the week, when you are not home. You will need to know the exact hours they intend to be at your house and you will need to know how long the project will require to finish.

4. Talk to the Neighbors

The last step is to talk to the neighbors, and if you live in a high crime area, talk to the local police as well. Tell your neighbors about the painters and communicate their expected last day at your home. Thieves are getting smart and they will notice that a painter is at your home. This gives them the perfect excuse to wait for the painter to leave, grab a “painting truck” and rob your home, simply telling your neighbors that you decided to switch companies. Avoid this by keeping the lines of communication open with neighbors and, if necessary, the local police department.

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