How to Prepare a Window Unit Air Conditioner for Fall Storage

Fall marks that time of year when a homeowner’s thoughts turn towards weatherization issues and the packing away of summer equipment. One of the summer items that many homeowners will need to pack away this year is a window unit air conditioner. If you’re one of them, here’s how to do it:

Supplies Needed

In order to prepare your window air conditioner for storage, you will need to obtain a few items. For starters, you’ll need to have a screwdriver, a nut driver ($4), a socket wrench ($20), a can of penetrating oil ($8) and a multi-headed fin comb ($10). You’ll also want to have a bottle of dish detergent, a bottle of chlorine bleach, a thin wire brush and a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment handy.

Clean the Filter and the Front Cover

Start by unplugging and removing the air conditioner from your home’s window. Carefully place it onto your work surface and remove the front cover. Depending on what type of window air conditioning unit you have, the front cover may need to be removed with a screw driver.

Once the air condition’s front cover has been removed, remove the air filter. In most instances, you will need to unscrew or snap open clips in order to remove it. Afterward, gently vacuum the filter to remove the surface dust. Next, wash the filter and the front cover in warm soapy water. Rinse each one with clean water until all the soapy residue has been removed. Then set them aside to dry.

Clean and Service the Coils

Proceed by removing the air conditioner’s chassis. In order to do so, you’ll most likely need a nut driver, a screw driver, a socket wrench and some penetrating oil. Once the chassis has been removed, take out your multi-headed fin comb. You’ll also want to grab your vacuum cleaner and the vacuum cleaner’s brush attachment. Use the brush attachment and the multi-headed fin comb to clean and straighten any misaligned coils.

Clean the Drainage System

Once that task is complete, turn your attention towards the air conditioner’s drainage system. You will want to clear the drain hole, clean the drip pan and clean the drain tube. I’d suggest that you also disinfect the drain tube and the drip pan with a mixture of chlorine bleach and water. When you are done, let the areas dry before attempting to reassemble the air conditioner.

Wrap and Store

After all air conditioner’s parts are clean and dry, reassemble the unit. Then completely wrap and seal the air conditioner inside heavy plastic before placing it inside your home’s storage area.

Source: Personal Experience

Killeen Gonzalez has a history of completing DIY home improvement projects with her family.

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