How to Prevent and Fight Traffic Tickets

Most of us have received one of these before. Whether is was for speeding, going through a red light, or not stopping at a stop sign, whatever the reason most of us have had to pay a nice size ticket, which could have been used for so many other things instead of paying the city. However, there are ways to prevent and sometimes even fight traffic tickets by following these helpful tips.

Many people know this already but there are those who don’t. Avoid driving in the far left lane, also known as the passing lane on two-lane highways. What you do if you just need to pass that slow moving turtle in front of you is get in the left lane to pass but get back into the right lane or the slower lane. Cops often focus their radars, which provides the most accurate reading in the far left lane, entirely on cars driving in the far left lane because many position their patrol cars and radars in the farthest left hand lane. Police also focus on cars passing other cars to see if they increase the speed limit when going around a car.

In order to prevent getting a traffic ticket, try to avoid traveling on Sunday mornings. Now, of course, this may be impossible for some people but just remember more tickets seem to be given on Sunday mornings. Because of less traffic on the highways, cops are able to catch speeders much easier on less traveled days. Officers tend to give out more tickets at the end of the month, so be aware of those usual places where cops hide out to catch speeders, there is a good chance that cops will be staked out there during the end of the month. Also, it is known that red cars catch the eyes of cops. I guess it has something to do with the stereotype that those with red cars drive fast, who knows, but red cars will be pulled over much quicker than a white car.

Not to say these next few tips will prevent you from getting a ticket but they may just work to help you fight a traffic ticket, if you believe you were not speeding. Or perhaps you will get lucky and actually prevent from getting a ticket.

First impressions count. Don’t be rude, cop a bad attitude, or act impatient. Use short, respectful answers and avoid small talk, jokes, and especially rude comments, such as, “trying to meet your quota”, “you guys are here all the time at the end of the month”, or the big one “why aren’t you out catching real criminal, I’m just plain old Joe Blow.” Giving a mouth full to the officer can keep you from being able to fight a ticket in court. Cops are known to write comments in shorthand on tickets alerting the prosecutor or judge that will prevent you from fighting the traffic ticket in court.

Don’t admit guilt. If the officer asks you, “Do you know how fast you were going” or “why were you speeding”, and you answer you are hurting your chances to effectively fight your traffic ticket in court by admitting guilt. Cops testify in court often and will use any incriminating statements against you that you made when they pulled you over. Use answers like, “I didn’t know I was speeding.” If you want to try and prevent getting a ticket, politely mention to the officer that you have never had any traffic tickets or this is your first ticket in 10 or 20 years. However, don’t lie make sure your record is actually clean the officer may be able to tell when they run your driver’s license. If you were on your way to an emergency or late for some very important reason, let the officer know. But make sure it is a real emergency or a very important reason. To verify your story if you have a cell phone, call someone who can verify your story and let them talk to the officer.

You can also apologize but don’t beg. Also, don’t make excuses and blame other drivers, it will get you nowhere. Never try to intimidate the officer or patronize them. The reason why you should fight traffic tickets is because many judges and prosecutors often reduce or dismiss traffic fines to avoid court costs, time, and other expenses. You may get lucky and not have to pay your ticket, if you fight it. But don’t tell the cop you will see him in court or that you will fight this ticket. Just politely take the ticket and drive off. When showing up for court make sure you have done your research and are dressed professionally. This will also increase your chances of fighting a traffic ticket.

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