How to Protect Yourself from Scams Through the Sony PlayStation Network

If you’re like me, you love your PlayStation but have cold feelings towards Sony. How can you protect yourself from Sony scams through the PlayStation Network (PSN)? You have several choices. Choose one or a few of these security measures.

Sony Scams

The Sony Entertainment Network Terms of Service boldly tells you that any wrong charges to your credit or debit card are not Sony’s fault. You are responsible. If someone hacks into your account, Sony will refund any charges as a “one time gesture of good faith.” The problem is that Sony claims to have a “secure” site that protects your information. If that security fails, as has happened a few times, Sony now says it’s your problem.

Do Not Sign into PSN Automatically

Change the settings on your PlayStation so that it doesn’t save your password or sign into PSN automatically. If you don’t use PSN often, this is an excellent way to safeguard your information. If you use PSN all the time, typing in your password could get annoying.

Change Your Password Monthly

It’s annoying to have to change your password on a regular basis, but it’s a good idea. Do the same with any online banking accounts, such as Paypal. Changing your password once a month is good for people that use PSN all the time. You only have to make changes once a month.

Require Password Before Checkout

Under your account information on the PlayStation, a setting requires you to type in your password before final purchase. If you leave your console on and signed into the PSN, this will help prevent anyone from making a purchase. If you have a kid old enough to work the machine, you might end up buying lots of games if you are always signed in.

Remove Billing Information from Account

If you rarely use PSN to make purchases, then remove any billing information from your account. You can do this on the PlayStation or online. When you want to make a purchase, you will have to enter your billing information each time.

Use prepaid cards

You can purchase PlayStation prepaid cards in stores and online. They put money in your PlayStation wallet for use in the PlayStation store, the same as if you used your credit card directly. Buy a prepaid card in store and put the funds in your wallet and you never enter your billing information.

Never Put More in Your Wallet Than You Need

To purchase something from the PlayStation store, you have to put funds in your wallet. You purchase funds in increments of $5. You want to buy a game priced $12.95, so you have to put $15 in your wallet. The remaining amount sits in your wallet and goes to waste unless you use it. So, you decide to buy something else to use the funds. You want to buy an add-on for $4.99, so you add more funds to your wallet and still have more left over.

Sneaky, right? You keep adding funds to use what you paid for. When buying from the PlayStation store only put the lowest amount of funds required for your purchase. Never put more in your wallet for “later.” If someone gets into your account, they can use those funds. You’ll also be tempted to use it and the cycle begins.

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