How to Remove Cigarette Odors from Your Home

Cigarettes should never be smoked in your home, as the odors are unappealing, and the smoke is a health hazard to innocent children, pets, and non-smoking adults. The smoke can also permeate your furniture and curtains, as well as stain your walls and ceilings. However, if you do smoke in your home, or allow others to smoke, there are ways to get rid of the lingering odors of cigarettes.

If the smoke odor is just a temporary one, like from a party where some of the guests were smoking, there are easy methods to remove the smoke odors from your home. First of all, you could simply air out the tainted rooms. Open all the doors and windows to let the air circulate through. You can also use a fan to help get the air circulation flowing more quickly.

You can also set out a dish of ammonia or vinegar to absorb odors in the room. You can use scented candles , or an air freshener or aerosol spray, but these methods will only cover up the cigarette odors. But they might make your house smell fresher until the cigarette odor is removed.

To take care of smells where cigarette smoking is a common occurrence, there are more elaborate and expensive ways to take care of your cigarette smoke odor problem. You can purchase small air purifying units to be placed near the worst sources of cigarette smoke. You may want to place them in the areas in your home where you smoke the most often. Air filters with a carbon filter are best used in these areas nearest the smoke.

There are also air purifiers that circulate the air in your home, capturing smoke particles, pollen, dust and other impurities in the air electrostaticly. These air purifiers cost more than the carbon filter purifiers, but they clean more and different particles out of the air. These electrostatic air purifiers can be mounted on a wall or ceiling, or they can be a freestanding model. The purifier will only be effective if it is placed the right way and be properly sized to adequately filter the air in the room.

There are also air purifying units that can be attached to an existing warm air heating system. These units can clear the smoke for your entire house. You should consult a professional to have one of these air purifiers installed.

You can use any or all of these methods, or a combination of your choice to fit your budget and layout of your home. Clearing the air of cigarette odors is important to keep your home smelling fresh, but refraining from smoking in the house is the best method of all to keep your home free of cigarette odors.

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