Floating Balls of Fire Ants Frighten Flooded Florida?

It has just been reported that Tropical Storm Fay has made its third landfall in northeastern Florida. Third! The storm is expected to track north and west and continue to soak the northern panhandle. The projected track of Fay shows her traversing the Florida panhandle and arriving at the Alabama border by Sunday morning. Every part of Florida will have been affected by this storm if that occurs. The residents of Florida are about to embark on a horrible journey called recovery and sadly, there really is no assistance.

Speaking as someone who just saw what torrential winds and flooding can do to an area, my heart goes out to them. I lost my job as a result of Dolly, a cat 2 hurricane who battered south Texas mercilessly and all I could do was get in line behind others who were denied assistance. I don’t know how the millions of Katrina FEMA aid got abusively squandered because they sure as hell are not doling it out anywhere else. All I have seen is FEMA letters to people showing $0.00 where the award area is. Then you are supposed to apply for a loan because FEMA rejected you and you have to go through tons of paperwork. Meanwhile our windows are still broken, roof torn and A/C ducts trying to do their best to reduce global warming because our A?C ducts are shooting out into the world not our home. Businesses will not be reopening, possessions are not going to be covered by anyone and food and pets that were lost due to the storm were just that, “lost.”

I don’t know how the people who used FEMA checks for porn, strippers, and gambling got away with it when no one here can even get a hold of a FEMA check to get groceries with, repair broken windows, or put a roof back on. If you did not have money put away for your deductible, you are screwed. Everyone is getting denied left and right so they can get in line for a loan instead of a grant. The government brags of millions being earmarked for help but no one is getting any help. I was lucky that the roof wrapped around our telephone pole in our front yard was not our roof, but the neighbors. Sadly, he is rude, arrogant, mean and very rich and can afford many, many deductibles so it not phase him at all. He is one of the ones who will get a check from the insurance company, hire someone to do the work as cheap as possible, and pocket the rest. It is the struggling business owners and renters, who cannot afford to help themselves that are screwed in this situation.

My ex-boss had no insurance and still got denied FEMA assistance. Now he has to get all kinds of hard-to-find documents to apply for a loan to cover the loss of his ruined office machines, electronics and furniture. The roof got blown off of his office and the place flooded. His desk even collapsed rom the ruined wood from the flooding but according to FEMA that suffering was “insufficient” and now I am out of a job. Big hotels like the Radisson and others have completely shut down. Smashed windows, torn roofs and debris everywhere was a boon to the companies that came from out of nowhere to help pick up the mess but now that Florida is seeing its own tragedy, they will soon be en route to Florida and chase those ambulances over there. Convoys of huge semi-trucks emblazoned with “Disaster Recovery Assistance” “National Disaster Recovery” and such will soon be rolling into Florida to make the most of that situation.

Florida has more deadly and painful things to deal with than the swarms of mosquitoes that came with our flooding rains. They have alligators, snakes and floating balls of fire ants to add to their financial losses. Rolling balls of fire ants. I can’t get over that. Like, life isn’t bad enough for you let me bowl a ball of fire your way? What the hell is that? I can’t decide what is worse, being completely denied and ignored by the people who have millions “earmarked” to help you or seeing a ball of floating fire ants coming towards you? I am sure they both burn the same.

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