Invisible Glass Premium Glass Cleaner by Stoner: Review

Cleaning glass to a streak-free finish is not easy. However hard you scrub, you may still end up with smudged, streaky mirrors. But there are many new glass cleaning products on the market that are specially designed to help combat this problem. Read on to learn about Invisible Glass Premium Glass Cleaner by Stoner.

My husband came across Invisible Glass�® Premium Glass Cleaner by Stoner recently while detailing cars. He liked the product so much that he decided to purchase some for his own personal use, which is when I first learned of this product. Even though my husband explained what a great product this was as a glass cleaner, I was rather dubious to begin with.

I have had a lot of trouble in finding a glass cleaner that worked well for me in the past without leaving windows or mirrors streaky. Oftentimes, when I clean mirrors and other glass surfaces, they look worse after I have used a glass cleaner. But to prove his point, my husband demonstrated that this product does in fact work. He sprayed the entire mirror in the bathroom with a thin coat of Invisible Glass�® Premium Glass Cleaner by Stoner and then wiped it off using a lint-free dry cloth. You can also use a crumpled up piece of newspaper to wipe off the glass cleaner. But within moments of wiping off the mirror, I was really pleased with the results. There were no streaks and the glass looked invisible, just as the bottle said it would!

Invisible Glass�® Premium Glass Cleaner by Stoner can also be used to clean mirrors, windows, windscreens and many other glass surfaces that have a build-up of oil, dust, dirt, fingerprints and smudges, without having to apply a lot of pressure to the glass by rubbing away at it.

According to the product details, Invisible Glass�® does not contain any soaps, foams, scents, or dyes that can leave behind a streaky surface.

I was very impressed with how well Invisible Glass�® Premium Glass Cleaner by Stoner transformed the look of my bathroom mirror. It looked completely clean and streak-free after just one simple application. I would highly recommend this product when cleaning mirrors, windows and other glass surfaces.

To learn more about this product or to ask a question about this product, call Stoner at 717-786-0804, Monday to Friday, 8:00am.-5:00pm. Eastern Standard Time or visit the company’s website at

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