Using Dog Shampoo to Get Rid of Fleas

Do you suffer from fleas? Even if you bathe your animals regularly with flea shampoo, it doesn’t mean that the humans in your home will be plague free! Nope, those little jumping critters hide in a zillion places, namely the carpet and clothing, waiting to bite the nearest warm-blooded creature.

If you are sick of trying assorted remedies and still getting those tell-tale bites in little rows all over your body, it’s time to try something more drastic. Dog shampoo. The same stuff you actually use on your dog to get rid of fleas, mites and ticks. It works for other things, too!

Use some of the shampoo to wash your carpet. You can use it instead of regular carpet shampoo with any carpet cleaner, or add some to hot water and use a cloth to scrub the carpet with it. This should take care of the problem for a while!

You can also add this handy shampoo to your laundry. Since just water doesn’t kill fleas and sometimes even hot water doesn’t get rid of them, try some anti-flea shampoo along with your regular laundry soap. This keeps your clothes flea-free. It is a good idea to use it when washing bedding, as well, since they love to hide there.

Although it probably isn’t recommended to bathe your children with flea shampoo, you can use it on pretty much everything else in the house. Mop your floor with it to discourage the bloodthirsty critters from hopping around there, wipe the furniture with a damp cloth and dog shampoo to keep fleas away from you when you are watching TV and use it to wash out sleeping bags and linen that has been stored anywhere that fleas might get to it.

When you decide to de-flea your home, you will need to make a one day production of it. If you wash a few things one day, a few the next, the fleas will simply move! So, plan a weekend where you can just scrub the whole place from top to bottom. Wash all the bedding at once, the carpet, floors and furniture. Then do your animals, too, or they will just reinvest the house again immediately.

Once you have done the entire house, you will want to continue the treatment on a regular basis. Unfortunately, fleas tend to return, so this isn’t a one time thing. However, you can do it by area from now on. Clean the carpet every Sunday, for example, wash the bedding with dog shampoo every Thursday, etc. This should keep your house nice and flea free and you won’t be scratching those annoying bites anymore.

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