Mr. Coffee 4 Cup Coffee Maker Review

I think that nearly every household in America owns a coffee maker. The coffee maker that is in this household is the Mr. Coffee 4 Cup Coffee Maker. It has some pros to it but it also has some unfortunate cons to it as well.

Only making 4 cups at a time it is great for single people or for households that only have one or two coffee drinkers. On the flip side though it is not very practical when you have guest over and you are trying to get coffee made for everyone. Again though because it only makes 4 cups at a time it takes up very little counter space, similar to the width of a standard toaster. It only takes around 5 minutes to brew a pot of coffee in the Mr. Coffee 4 Cup Coffee Maker, so when you do have guest you can certainly make coffee for everyone in a some what timely manner but it still is a bit frustrating.

As far as the quality of pot of coffee that it makes goes there are very little complaints. Rarely do you find grounds in your coffee and using the coffee pot is very easy. Taking out the filter of used grounds and putting in new ones is very easy. Pouring in the water is also very easy as you can do it from either side and it has a little window so you can see just how much water you have poured in. Unfortunately there is the occasional chance that the drip will not line up with the pot and coffee will spill over the counter. This doesn’t happen very often but when it does it is not fun. Making coffee in the morning when my toddler is still sleeping isn’t a problem because the Mr. Coffee 4 Cup Coffee Maker has minimal brewing sounds.

Sometimes I wish that the coffee maker wasn’t white as any drops of coffee on it show up really well. I also wish that it had an automatic shut off for added safety. There was one time that the coffee maker got left on so long that the coffee burned inside the pot, but thankfully it didn’t break. I would suggest to anyone who was contemplating whether or not they wanted to get the Mr. Coffee 4 Cup Coffee Maker that they should weight out the pros and cons to see if it was right for them.

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