New Kitchen Essentials

Congrats, you now have your new place, or your first place. Your feeling excited happy, and independent. You are so glad to be on your own and start throwing parties, but what about the necessary items to actually cook with? Unless you plan on surviving off of take out and delivered pizza the kitchen will need a few items.

Basics that are necessary to cook include: a couple of good-sized skillets, think hamburger helper, and other stuff along those lines. If your cooking skills are like mine then hamburger helper may be what keeps you alive sometimes. Other essentials include, some saucepans, think for cooking soup in. Once again simple and basic items. A good square baking dish, I prefer glass easier to clean and cooks evenly, others prefer silicone and similar materials. For the baking dish, think brownies.

Cake pans are also great, mine are used more for cinnamon rolls and biscuits than cake, but nobody else has to know that. Mixing bowls are also good to have; a small assortment of sizes is always nice but not necessarily a requirement. Cookie sheets are also helpful, for but of course cookies! In all seriousness, you can bake just about anything on cookie sheets, toast, biscuits, chicken; pork chops etc so they are very versatile. Do not buy the cheapest pans you can find, as these will be used quite often.

Like meatloaf, then a bread pan is a good investment for you, otherwise, it is not a loaf, it is something unidentifiable. While you are at it, muffin pans are also helpful for cupcakes and muffins. Some muffin mixes are so simple it is just add water and bake. Quite easy for almost anyone to use.

A toaster is also a very important staple to have, because there are a lot of things that can be quickly cooked in a toaster oven. Coffee makers are also a good staple to have in the kitchen, whether for coffee, or hot water for tea and hot chocolate a coffee maker is great to have.

Other kitchen staples include a set of measuring cups and spoons, a couple of rubber spatulas, can opener, a bottle opener, storage containers, tongs, a cheese slicer, a colander, cooking utensils including spoons, slotted spoon, ladle, and a large fork. Of course other good gadgets to have include a grater, whisks, an egg slicer, and apple corer.

Good kitchen appliances to have are always nice to have and can vary from cheap, to expensive depending upon your budget and preferences. Essentials for this include a microwave, toaster, blender, mixer and a food processor is also helpful.

Please do not forget about the most basic of basic items for your kitchen. This includes silverware and a good set of dishes. With the right shopping, it is possible to handle these two needs for less than $20. I just recently purchased a complete 20-piece dish set for four for only $5 by looking through the Christmas clearance sales. With a plain design that is not a holiday pattern it saves me from having a holiday specific dish set. I picked up two complete sets of this pattern for a mere $10 and can now serve up to eight people with my nice shiny new dishes. If you shop carefully, you should be able to get most kitchen items for only a couple hundred bucks, while having your kitchen outfitted with all essentials supplies.

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