Storage Ideas for Small Kitchens

Many people want the latest and greatest kitchen tools, tableware, and gadgets, but storing numerous items of various shapes and sizes can be a problem. Not everyone has a large kitchen or pantry with sufficient space for storage, and sometimes those with large kitchens don’t have enough cabinetry.

You can have the kitchen accessories and dishes you want, no matter the size of your kitchen. There are ideas you can use to make the most of a small kitchen or lack of cabinets therein. These ideas are inexpensive ways to make the most of a small kitchen and/or a lack of adequate storage space.

Roll Out Shelves

If you have standard cabinet shelves, consider investing in roll out shelves. Roll out shelves will give you more space by allowing you to view and reach stored items. Instead of having to remove items in front to reach items in back, you’ll be able to reach everything simply and easily by pulling out the shelves.

Look for roll out shelves and corresponding hardware in home improvement stores, or shop online to find the best prices on the materials you need to convert standard cabinet shelves to the roll out variety. Adding roll out shelves to standard cabinetry is one of the best ideas for utilizing available cabinet space.

Drawer Glides

Just like roll out shelves, full extension drawer glides enable you to easily view and reach the contents of drawers. Kitchen drawers equipped with these types of glides extend all the way rather than just part way like standard glides, and what better way to utilize available space than to make it fully accessible? Investing in full extension drawer glides is one of the best ideas to help you make the most of available space in a small kitchen.

Sink Drawer Hardware

False drawer fronts are nothing more than cosmetic. They typically match other kitchen drawer fronts, and they’re basically useless – or are they? False drawer fronts can be removed and converted into working tilt-out storage containers that can be used to hold kitchen sponges, pens, utensils, or other small items. False drawer front container kits are one of the most innovative ideas for adding storage space to a small kitchen.

You can find false drawer front container kits at home improvement stores or online, and they’re very easy to install. Figure out how the false drawer fronts are installed on your kitchen cabinets, remove them, and install the hinges and plastic containers using the included template and hardware. You’ll feel like a do-it-yourself pro, and you’ll add a little more storage space to your small kitchen.

Space Above Cabinetry

Is there available space between the top of your wall cabinets and your kitchen ceiling? If there is available space, make use of that space. The unused area above wall cabinets is a great place to store seldom used items.

Consider installing sliding cabinet doors or wide decorative molding above existing cabinetry. You’ll be able to conceal items you don’t use on a regular basis, and you’ll make use of otherwise useless storage space in your small kitchen.

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