How to Remove Cigarette Smell from Clothes

Cigar and cigarette smell can get everywhere; here are some easy tips for removing them from clothing.

Things you’ll need:
* Baking soda
* Dryer sheets
* Vinegar

* Note that these instructions only apply to washable clothes. Other clothing should be dry cleaned. The dry clean process will usually remove odors.

Place the clothing, two dryer sheets, and two tablespoons of baking soda into a plastic bag. Tie the bag shut and shake it well. Let it sit for two nights.

Throw away the baking soda and the dryer sheets. Shake any excess baking soda off of the clothing.

Put the clothing into your washer with a normal amount of detergent and half a cup of vinegar. Wash and dry.

Congratulations! Your clothing should be odor free.

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