How to Remove a Broken Key from a Lock

Breaking off a key in a door can be a nerve wrecking experience, immediately we think of the cost of having a locksmith come out to get it out. Before calling the all-dreaded locksmith, especially one that works on the weekend, try these few suggestions first for removing a broken key from a lock.

1. Try using a thin piece of metal such as a broken off saw blade or something similar. Find out which side the tooth of the key is facing because you will want to start working on that side. Using the ridges of the thin piece of metal hook them onto the teeth of the broken key so that they are interlocking. Carefully draw the blade out slowly avoiding any sudden jerkiness in your movement. The key should slide out with it.

2. If part of the key is hanging out or you have managed to pull it part of the way, use a pair of needle-nosed pliers to pull it completely out.

3. Try drilling a small hole into the key piece and insert a small screw in just a bit.

4. Use an old dental pick, and just where would you get this? Ask your dental hygienist if they have an old one you can use as a tool. The sharp edge of the pick can be used to dig into a brass key if part of it is exposed.

5. Fingernail clippers can also be used to grab hold of the key if part of it is sticking out.

6. Spray WD-40 or Pam cooking spray on the lock, heat up the lock and the key may slide out with some encouragement from you.

These are but a few suggestions to get you started in removing a key that has been broken off in a lock.

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