How to Renovate Your Kitchen?

The design or renovation of a kitchen is an exciting project. But from the browsing of catalogs and the preparation of the first meal, there are some important steps not to be missed. Here are the key points to check in order to complete such a project.


The very first item in a renovation project is the study of resources and budget. Building things by yourself costs about 30% less than a kitchen ready-made by professionals. Are you able to build your kitchen yourself? It is a saving option. A kitchen is not composed of plastic furniture and appliances, there is also the cornices, side cladding, spinners end, banners cache light, etc … In fact, people frequently under-estimate the costs and do a budget that covers only 60% of the actual cost of a kitchen.

Before starting to browse catalogs, we must spend some time observing the way you use your kitchen. What do you cook in the kitchen? How many people are eating? Do you need to have 4 pots on the fire at the same time? Do you recycle? What are the utensils you use most? We all have in our kitchen habits and personal furniture must match. Your kitchen should look like and make your life easier, take time to analyze your behavior to design a kitchen to your image.

To choose the style of your kitchen, start leafing through catalogs or surf the Internet. The kitchens website often sort kitchens in 3 categories: modern, classical, traditional.

Measures and drawings

Start by drawing a sketch of the play by hands on which you do not forget to put the location of doors and windows, arrival and evacuation of water, food electric (or gas) existing element and radiators.

Then draw a map of the kitchen. Scale is essential to realize the place that takes a furniture. There are chep software that allows you to create your own kitchen in 3 dimensions. It is not so easy to imagine what we see in 3D scale and on a 2D scale. A software to design a kitchen in 3D is a very useful tool and a wonderful toy for your children.


There are 3 main zones, each corresponding to one type of activity:

Preparation: It gathers here everything that serves to prepare a meal (food, utensils)

Cooking: This area includes the cooking furnitures and the oven.

Washing: This area is used during and after preparing the meal. It consists primarily of a sink and often a dishwasher. The sink is the most used in the kitchen, the access must be easy and convenient. It is located in front of a window to have an ideal lighting.

To position the elements, you start with the least flexible: first the sink (which depends on the position of pipes), the cooking elements and the hood.

Some tips: The large bottom drawers are handy for storing pots. Lights under the furniture are very useful to have a direct lighting on the cooking workplan. Think of your back, place the oven high. Practice sorting your garbage.

The shelves are very nice on the catalogs, but in reality they get dirty and grease quickly. Avoid them if you can.

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