How to Repair Carpet in Your Home or Office

Many things can happen to the carpeting in a home or office. From stains to tears and furniture dents to loosening over time many problems can be addressed by the homeowner with little cost or time. To avoid carpeting problems in the first place try these tips. Move furniture and other heavy objects just a little with each vacuuming. This will avoid the dents in the carpeting that heavy objects leave behind. Clean up spills as soon as possible to avoid the stain from setting up in the carpet. But regardless of how careful we are accidents are going to happen. Here are some ways to correct common carpet problems.

Furniture dents are caused by the carpet being crushed down over time. The way to correct this carpet problem is to use a butter knife or other dull bladed device to fluff up the carpet in the affected area. Once you have done this hold a steam iron over the area (do not touch the carpet with the hot iron) and steam the carpet to make it stand up better.

A torn carpet or loose seam in carpet is a problem that needs immediate attention. Failure to correct this may result in more damage as the carpet will continue to work in this area. To correct this pull the carpet tight and nail it in place. Place the nails 4 or 5 inches from the tear or seam to give you some room to work. Then use a curved upholstery needle and upholstery thread to sew the pieces together. Be sure the stitches are straight on top so that they will hide better once you are done. You can also use fishing line in a pinch but you’ll almost certainly need the curved needle. Upholstery needles can be found at fabric shops and some department stores, carpet stores, and hardware stores.

One of the worst carpet problems is a permanent stain. The solution to this is to cut a square out of the carpet and replace it with a patch secured by double sided carpet tape. The problem is that most people don’t have extra carpet to replace it with and can’t find a match. One less than ideal solution is to simply cut your patch from an unseen area of carpet (such as under the couch). In any case remember to weigh the patch down for at least a few hours to allow the double sided tape’s adhesive to hold well.

With all of these repairs remember to brush the carpet when you are done to cover up the seams in the repair. And be careful from now on!

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