How to Stage Your Home to Sell

Sellers often ask what they can do to assist the real estate agent in selling their home, especially for an Open House Sale. There are many ways sellers can help, but staging a home so it “shows well” may be most important. Use this handy checklist to make your home stand out and agents will be eager to show it.


• Remove debris, keep lawns mowed
• Clean pools and spas
• Make minor repairs to fences and auto sprinklers
• Touch-up house trim if needed
• Secure or remove pets while house is shown


• Remove clutter, vacuum often
• Use pleasant air scents; turn on lights
• Baths and Kitchens shown extra clean
• Make minor repairs if needed
• Shampoo highly soiled carpets

Curb appeal is essential because sometimes potential buyers will drive by a property for sale before setting up an appointment to see it. When landscaping is free of weeds, walks are swept, and lawns mowed and green, sellers are demonstrating pride of ownership; in other words, they are showing a potential buyer that they have taken good care of their home. If the outside looks a mess, then it creates doubt that the seller has been conscientious about upkeep inside the home.

It’s always smart to consider the weather during the selling process so temperatures inside can be adjusted accordingly. In hot weather, turn on ceiling fans or air conditioning to keep your home comfortable. In winter, warm rooms create a cozy environment. Fresh flowers, clean shiny windows, and even soft music can give your home a welcome ambiance.

If sellers can leave during an Open House or anytime an agent is showing the property, potential buyers are more apt to provide honest feedback. While not all buyers have the same needs in size or floor-plan when shopping for a home, and some can look past features that they can change after purchasing – sellers can still benefit from knowing about any issues that they can address; for example, a bad odor, offensive paint color, or cosmetic repair can be remedied.

All occupied homes look “lived in” and buyers don’t expect perfection; however, choosing a home to buy is often an emotional decision. Before logistics of room size or amenities are considered, buyers may rely on their initial positive or negative feelings about the property to drive their decision. How easy is it for them to picture themselves living there?

When it comes to selling a home, the rule of thumb for sellers to remember is that first impressions do count. And the impression a seller wants to make with a buyer is – this place feels like home.

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