Smart Ways to Reuse Plastic Margarine Tubs

Most people buy at least one set of plastic storage containers for a variety of purposes. The same people regularly throw even better ones away without giving it a second thought. They are often better in quality than empty store-bought containers with lids, but the printed labels make them undesirable to use for anything but the original purpose. After the contents are gone, they become an eyesore and end up the recycling bin or the trash. Use these innovative ways to reuse them. The ink will come off, and they can be used in countless new ways.

How to Remove the Imprinted Labels

It is easy to remove stamped labels on plastic margarine tubs, and it does not take a great deal of rubbing and scrubbing. Nail polish remover will take it right off, and without damaging the containers. Apply nail polish remover to a clean dry rag that you no longer want or need, and generously soak the ink. After several seconds, simply wipe it away. You will be left with a plain container that you can reuse after thoroughly washing it in hot soapy water.

Reuse Them for Gifts of Candy or Baked Goods

Plastic lidded holiday containers are ideal for holding baked goods or candy. However, they are not cheap, especially if you need several for family, coworkers and friends. Start saving plastic margarine tubs instead. Decorate them with high-quality stickers to mark the occasion, and cover the stickers with clear waterproof tape. The containers will look fantastic, and since you will not have to buy gift containers, it will be like getting the margarine for a significantly reduced price or for free.

They Make Great Stacking Toys

Toddler love stacking blocks, and they enjoy playing with items that are not considered toys. They often play with the boxes instead of the costly contents that were meant to be used. Start saving margarine tubs and lids for the toddlers in your family. They can use them to build towers, houses and all sorts of things. Larger containers can also be used to hold and organize small toys.

Organize Craft Supplies

If you enjoy crafting, forget about buying expensive containers for storing your supplies. Save margarine tubs for craft supply storage. Although they are not clear, they can be labeled and stacked. Use them to hold everything from buttons to beads. You will save a considerable amount of money, and you will be able to organize all sorts of small items in very smart ways.

Source: Advanced Crafting and Green Living Experience

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