How to Repair Scratched CDs

Next time your favorite Bob Dylan tracks start to sound like the Chipmunks, you don’t have to fear that your listening tastes are going haywire! It’s likely that your CD is scratched and is in dire need of repair. Prevent your CDs from needing an emergency scratch repair treatment, by keeping them in immaculate condition whenever possible; avoid touching the surfaces, and always keep the CDs well protected. Still, even the most preventative measures may not be enough.

Listening to a CD stuck on repeat is not only anguish, but may be damaging your CD player. You can easily repair your scratched CDs with this guide. Your family and neighbors in your listening vicinity will love you!

To repair a scratched CD, you’ll need to purchase a simple scratch-repair kit. A CD scratch repair kit is simply a liquid that ‘fills’ into any major scratches on your CD and recreates the smooth surface. Dab a soft cloth with the liquid, wipe across the CD (never in a circular motion), and let dry. Voila! Your CD is now ‘repaired’. Your top best picks for CD Repair Kits are:

1. Memorex
2. Crystal-Disc
3. Disc-Saver
4. Brasso Metal Polish

Some additional CD Repair Do’s and Don’ts:

Do check your CD for small smudges and marks first; there is a possibility that the damage is only minor and your CD needs to be repaired simply by wiping it clean or removing dust/lint.

Don’t use household cleaning products, or toothpaste to clean or repair the CD; these will either damage the CD further with more residue, and will not help a scratch at all!

Do try cleaning and buffing with Pledge cleaner; this does work for most minor scratches or for dirt removal.

Do try a standard CD cleaner, available at most computer and music stores.

Do look into long-term products such as the Skip Doctor. This device comes complete with a repair kit, CD rebuffering system, and sponge/cloth to go through the whole process for a number of CDs.

So next time your CD begins to spin incessantly, casting out banshee-like tunes, you’ll know what to do to repair your CD problem! Prevention also helps, and there are a variety of CD protectors, jewel cases, nylon packs or travel, and plastic box-style cases available for storage. Of course, your iPod will never need this specialty treatment, but until the CD becomes as outdated as the vinyl discs of yesterday, you’ll need everything you can to keep yours in tip-top shape.

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