Convincing a Customer to Purchase

If you have tried the work of salesmanship, then you can agree with me that it is one of the most challenging fields of venture. There is nothing more difficult as to convince anyone that you have the best interest for him/her, especially with the connotation that one knows himself/herself better. Selling become more challenging especially when the buyer seems to know more about what you are selling better than you.

It has been said before that successful salesmanship starts by one appreciating what he/she has to offer. Developing a positive attitude about your product, knowing what other people are offering and their weakness, and telling the potential buyer all he needs to know about your product within a short time, has proved to help many salespersons. But there is an emerging trend where the customer is foremost informed about the product he/she wants to buy before running into you and asks for your opinion.

What do you do with a customer who wants to buy a computer for his needs and comes to you for sales service? He explains to you his needs and you realize that you don’t offer the exact machine that he requires. Then you want to convince him/her to buy the computer you have, which would remarkably help in other areas of his business though not his immediate needs?

One thing that would come into mind is to try and modify his needs, then convince him to have your machine for they would readily satisfy those needs. But this is a blatant error. The customer already has in mind the type of machine he wants and unless otherwise, will not settle for anything else. You get desperate? Not yet.

In order to tactfully persuade you customer to buy the machine you are offering, first of all you should listen to his history of utilization of the machines. Let him explain to you the business in which he intends to get the assistance of the computer. Let him narrate the daily operations he carries out. Then, you should gauge the best machine you have.

It now becomes your turn to convince him to make that purchase. Let him be congratulated, though indirectly, of the vast knowledge he has gained and how well he has done his research. Explain to him the types of machines that are available in the market that would perfectly fit his current needs. Let him also understand the benefits of purchasing other machines as opposed to the one you have to offer. Then explain the dynamics associated with computers and adaptability of the machine you have to his business expansion and future adaptability. Let him realize the advantages and disadvantages he will get by making a purchase of either machine, and assure him that he would have the right choice if the one you are offering is bought, and to what reasons.

In an attempt to bring the persuasion home, let your informed customer feel that the best information has been given to him. If the customer needed to purchase a computer for business database maintenance, let him be convinced that having your machine would support some other hardware, which might be necessary in the course of doing his business. To add to your advantage, let him also acquire some of the hardware he would need to install, for example, let him purchase a CD writer that would assist him backup his documents. If you don’t win the trust of your current customer, then you have made a salesperson out of him-he will sell your business to others who would want a machine you are offering.

Lastly, it is important to remember to be knowledgeable above everyone in the area of your business. Know you competitors well and understand the need of the market. If you make a referral to a businessperson who is offering the kind of computer your customer is in need of, know that you have not lost.

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