IPod Fashions: Cases From Prada and Gucci and a Bag From Fendi

With the increased establishment of the iPod as the must have technological accessory for today’s tech savvy society, fashionistas know the imperative task of finding a stylish iPod holder. And why not complement you high tech accessory with a high fashion iPod case. Designers know a market when they see one, and tapping into the iPod craze , there is an array of fashionable uber hip iPod cases to protect, and pimp out your iPod with your own personal style.

Kate spade offers iPod cases for the nano, to the original iPod. Furthermore, her stylish designs are reasonably priced. What great about Kate Spade is the vast amount of choices available. Ranging from about 20+, you can find the best leather, or fabric, iPod cases for a variety of sizes. Her whimsical style transcends time, and you are sure to find a revolutionary design that makes Kate Spade one of the iconical American designers. View more styles at http://www.katespade.com.

Prada offers a classy Metallic Leather MP3 Case which is a timeless piece. Made of Saffiano leather and comes in silver or gold colors, and features gold hardware and lanyard strap. t also has a super long strap that you can practically strap across your chest. Retailing for $215 this case will have your friends making double takes at the high fashion details of this uber hip case. Available at http://www.neimanmarcus.com.

Juicy Couture Mini Velour iPod case is a must for any socialites accessory closet. Featured in Louis V (which is purple), the case comes with socialite (which means pink) leather trim or choose splendor (wihich is green) velour with Louis V leather trim. Golden hardware highlights the little decorative chain with charms on it (also doubling for snap closure attachments into Juciy Handbags. Retailing at $68, the Mini Velour iPod case can be found at http://www.neimanmarcus.com.

Marc Jacobs Soft Calf iPod Holder will make you the envy of all your friends. Debuting in his Spring 2005 collection, it has become one of the hottest and most sought after items through out consecutive seasons. Made of soft calf leather (vachetta at that, which translate to one of the highest quality leathers that is made to stand the test of time). That’s not all, this super sexy case features a polished nickel clip on top and a Marc Jacobs plaque on the back. Available in black, ultramarine, or cherry colors with a contrasting suede lining. Retails for $175 at http://www.eLuxury.com.

The Parisian superstar of high fashion handbags, Louis Vuitton offers a hot leather canvas case for the regular iPod. Creating the chicest way to tote your tunes. Crafted in the classic Monogram canvas, this sleek iPod Case features a convenient hole for your headphones cable, and a belt loop at the back (also available in other prints besides monogram leather). In addition, the interior has calfskin leather lining ( please note this case only holds regular iPods not the Mini iPods). Retails for $220 and is available at http://www.eLuxury.com.

Gucci designs a versatile case that fits other players and cell phones (ironically, Gucci refers to it as an “iPod case”). This case is multifunctional. Not only is it the epitome of high fashion style, its durable leather provides a good deal of protection. A key feature here is its web strap, which comes in handy for carrying when you’re an outfit without pockets (just like Prada’s case). The Gucci insignia is featured in beige/ebony with brown leather trim and silver hardware. Retails for $195 at http://www.gucci.com.

We can’t forget about Coach. Coach’s iPod cases are quite special, with designs for every fashionista out there. From leather, to jacquard signature print in mini C’s to classic signature, and funky soho stripe prints, the Coach iPod collection is one word “fabulous” They also feature a belt clip and “dog leash” strap, and come in various prints All the styles are available in matching handbags. Thus completing the perfect iPod handbag connection. Retailing form $48+ your sure to love not only the design but the price! Available at http://www.coach.com

Dior also offers an Italian leather case for your iPod. According to the French fashion house, this “iconic” iPod case is “a chic marriage of technology and design.” This black Italian leather number with high-gloss, line-etched finish certainly looks HOT.
Designed for the 15GB and 20GB models it also comes with a drawstring bag and Dior box just in case you friends don’t see the symbol on the iPod case. What is great about the Dior case, is that it was designed unisex in mind, so your boys out there can enjoy some hot fashion too! Dior also features a mini case with a chain. More details available on eluxury.com. And as you would expect it retails for $220 at http://www.eluxury.com.

Burrberry offers a unique metallic gold, embossed leather case for the iPod mini. It has a square box embossed print with fold over flap. Its unique style will transcend any season, making it stylish and fun. Make your friends heads turn. Retails for $140 and is available at http://www.burberryusaonline.com

But why stop at an iPod holder, how about an iPod bag! Have no fear, Fendi’s here. That’s the ideology behind a new iPod accessory designed by Paris-based style priest and German-born fashion legend, Karl Lagerfeld, who designs clothes for, among other labels, Italian fashion house Fendi. Lagerfeld and Fendi have just put out an iPod case that’s more like a suitcase. The bag is designed to carry 12 iPods; when 40 gigabytes of mp3 files just won’t due!

Maybe they are trying to target the market niche of stylish designer deejays. Regardless this uber hip bag will definitely establish you as one of the techy fashionable elite, or a hardcore couture collector (think of 100 years from now how much a this bag would cost-vintage iPod bag, I see it now on ebay) and, of course, Paris Hilton!
Retails $1,500 and is available on http://www.fendi.com.

For the latest information on hot iPod trends visit the ultimate resource for iPod lovers:
http://www.ilounge.com. And remember that its not about how many gigs you have, its about how hot your gigs look!

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