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These free and safe programs run on your computer for your protection, amusement and help. They are a collection of programs you can download and install that I have found to be helpful and useful in my computing. They are all easy to use and have plenty of explanations and help in how to use them on their sites or from the other site I have listed below the programs designer site. I have used all of these at one time or another and have found them all to be good and useful programs. Some of them I have used since they or my computer first came out and have found to be indispensable for security and safety of my computers like the AdAware, Bazooka and Spyware programs.

1. AdAware

More information on using AdAware here:

AdAware by Lavasoft is a spyware and adware search tool that finds and deletes all kinds of nasty things you don’t want on your computer. It is an essential part of a successful protection system for your computer, whether on a single computer or a networked system, it is one of the best free programs for keeping your computer clean and secure.

2. Bazooka

Bazooka by Kephyr is another adware and spyware detection tool that also checks for things like Trojan horses and keyloggers and tells yo how to remove them. It only takes a second to perform and catches many Cool Web Search and Gator programs that intrude on your privacy.

3. Spybot Search and Destroy

Spybot Search and Destroy is like a search engine targeting certain spyware and adware programs that are on file with the company. It searches these known malicious programs and modules and removes them safely from your computer. It has an automatic update feature to keep on top of the most current malicious content and keep your computer clean, it is another must for clean and carefree computing, especially for networked clients.

4. SpywareBlaster

Spyware Blaster by Javacool runs in the background and prevents spyware from installing on your computer. It simply blocks Active X and cookies from downloading onto your computer without your knowledge. It stops these programs simply by not allowing any Active X programs onto your computer without checking the Internet settings you have used in your browser. Active X and cookies are used to install programs onto your computer that run along with your browser and this installs a block for them except those allowed in your settings of IE.

5. Win Zip

WinZip is the program to use for compression of files and folders. It has easy and simple to use formats and installs ready to use. It quickly handles zipping and unzipping of files you download and works with many zipped file formats.

6. Google Toolbar

Use the best and fastest search engine on the Internet from any browser, install quickly and easily and is easy to use. Simply adds a bar on your browser from which you can use the Google search engine. Also includes extras like popup blocker and instant messenger and Gmail.

7. DAP Download Accelerator Plus

Download Accelerator Plus by Speedbit is a free download manager and accelerator that uses different sites to download your files quicker and uses a manager to schedule times to download or resume download features. It uses several connections to speed up download times and has a handy resume feature from lost or severed connections if supported on the site your downloading from.

8. Open Office

Open Office is a whole set of productivity tools just like Microsoft’s Office suit, but it’s free. The project is an open source program that includes a word processor, spreadsheet, presentations, HTML editor and more. It has many features not available on Window’s Works or Word that I like, auto save is probably the best one and has save as features just like Word, save into PDF, Word document, Rich Text and many other formats.

9. Object Dock by Star Dock

Object Dock is an alternative and better option than your task bar at the bottom of your screen that Windows has, it adds features like sizing options and magnification when hovering over an icon plus customizable themes for different users. It’s a new and different way to customize the task bar and adds features not available from Microsoft’s.

10.Bit Comet

Bit Comet is a free download program used with Bit torrent, a large file, 1Giga bite and up, point to point protocol. It is used to handle downloading and uploading of large files and is a great way to handle simultaneous downloads and large files with ease. A must for large file handler’s, includes all kinds of extras like firewall, security and address handling.

11. ICQ ‘I Seek You’

ICQ is a free chat, instant messenger and boards program that has all kinds of fun things to do. Chat with friends or instant text someone next door or across the world. Message boards from art, culture, movies and TV to useful and informational topics such as homework help and news. There’s all kind of useful things available with this program.

12. 12 Ghosts

12 Ghosts has many free and share ware programs for a wide variety of useful and handy tasks. Their freeware programs are Popup Killer, Stop Messenger Ads and Wash. The Popup killer and Stop Messenger Ads are just what they say, in Explorer and MSN Messenger they stop those annoying ads and pop ups from ruining your web experience. The Wash is a convenient and quick way to delete you Internet history in one quick click, it deletes you history, cookies, and temporary Internet files. They also have many shareware programs that you can try and see if you like them to purchase.

13. Avant Browser

Tired of Windows and their Internet Explorer, here’s a new revamped browser using the Windows Internet Explorer as it’s engine and designed better and with more user friendly features. The Avant Browser has all kinds of extras not available from Microsoft, it adds more customizable features and has better control over things like Active X and animations better then Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

14. iTunes

This free iTunes program includes a highly anticipated update, video to it’s iTunes package. Although a larger program than the rest, it is a great program for music and videos, TV shows and other audio and video objects. Windows as well as MAC users can benefit from this music accessory program. iPod not required.

15. WinPatrol

Scotty the watchdog is on patrol when you add this spyware and system startup inspector to your computer. It watches your system and notifies you of changes to any critical parts of your computer and asks if you want it added. It also has lists of system startup programs and help for finding out just what is all those programs your computer is running in the background.

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